Whitepaper publishing on social media channels

Social media has gained a broader reach across all online media categories. One of the most popular platforms worldwide has to be Facebook. The digital content viewed through this platform is probably one of the highest. Therefore, you should not miss posting a whitepaper on social media platforms like Facebook. Start by creating a separate company page on this social media platform. Then post your whitepaper on the page and start a conversation about it. You can also create a landing page for your Facebook whitepaper to encourage downloads. Furthermore, you can also post ads on Facebook. If there is one platform that can easily identify your buyer persona and help you achieve great results, then it has to be Facebook. From promoting the right content asset to turning a piece of written content into stunning visual content, this platform can do it all.

If you're not posting your whitepaper on LinkedIn, now is the time to include it in your content strategy. LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities to publish your written content, especially useful for B2B marketers, clients / companies as it has a wide professional network. Your target audience and identified groups can be a part of LinkedIn, which can provide better visibility. Posting your content, be it a whitepaper, blog post, or even a corporate video, in LinkedIn Groups not only showcases your quality content in front of your target audience, but also provides a great way for others to share it. with colleagues and other professionals. on your network. LinkedIn Ads can add additional value to your whitepaper promotions. Making this part of your content marketing plan surely has too many benefits that you may not be aware of yet.

You can always Tweet about your whitepaper highlighting the pain points you are targeting. Sometimes simply tweeting about your whitepaper can leave a huge impact on your followers, especially when it lines up with the trend and can be a stepping stone to your brand awareness activities. You can always develop a series of tweets that will explain more about your whitepaper and the problem it solves. In this way, you get the ball rolling for your content and enter the typical digital content marketing arena. Tweeting the content that readers might want to learn more about can be good examples of content marketing while using hashtags to improve reach and visibility.

SlideShare can be a great place to promote white papers due to its various presentation features. Including it in your content marketing strategy has many unknown benefits. You can start by creating a slideshow version of your whitepaper that provides some highlights as well as additional information on how people will benefit from the downloaded version, forcing them to download a whitepaper. While this content marketing activity is new, it has a lot of potential on its own if promoted with great content.

While there are many channels and places where you can publish your whitepaper, publishing sites have proven to be most effective, providing the marketer with 360-degree support for all whitepaper promotional activities. Let's discuss more about whitepaper promotion and some key points to keep in mind when publishing your whitepaper on publishing sites and getting them to appear at the top of the search engine.