What would be best for your audience ? Web, search and SEO

With the cancellation of events and conferences, it appears that marketers are focusing more on increasing the top of the marketing funnel to help with target audience retention and expansion efforts rather than looking for new deals. When asked about their budget changes regarding digital marketing efforts, this is what we saw:

According to a survey conducted by Chief Marketer's 2020 B2B Marketing Outlook, the top elements of a content marketing strategy that have been shown to be most effective in moving prospects out of the sales funnel are articles and blog posts (55%), reviews, and testimonials. Of customers. (43%) and technical documents (38%).

A new report from Centerline Digital looks at how vice presidents and managers versus C-level executives are reacting to different content marketing strategies to make their decisions. C-level executives have been shown to take 21% more time to consume content than managers, while vice presidents consume content faster, typically within 24 hours. The report also finds that infographics are the top-tier content type in the funnel, with 59% of senior executives preferring video to text. Visual content has become the most engaging content on the internet today.

Your website is a key source for moving your business forward right now, as it is one of the first places for you to create content. Originality and your thought leadership ideas can definitely be put on your website or your target audience to read. Customers spend more time on websites and interact more with online businesses than last year. Therefore, your priority should be on education rather than promotion. Whatever form or type of content you decide to publish on your website, it will continue to be a crucial part of your content marketing strategy. Hubspot's benchmark data pointed to a significant increase in average website traffic, with a 13% increase in March compared to February. Weekly chat volume via on-site chat and Facebook Messenger has also increased 5% after March 16 compared to the global weekly averages for the prior first quarter.

Instead of focusing on brand awareness and increasing promotions for your products and services, focus on fostering a long-term relationship with your customers by identifying where you can help them.

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