How to use custom fonts for Twitter

Social networks are full of variety of features. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, they all have their own options and features and characteristics.

Twitter allows users to use text fonts that are very basic. When you tweet something, the text that is displayed is general typeface and there is nothing fancy about it.

Same is the case with their bio option, stories and such. The text font is very common. However, Twitter does allow you to use Unicode. Unicode is nothing but special fonts, characters and symbols. There are online tools which generate exactly similar fancy fonts based on your text.

For example, the website Cool Symbol has variety of tools and symbols. One such tool is fancy text generator which can create awesome fancy fonts. These fonts can be used directly on your Twitter tweets, bio and stories.

All you have to do is go to the above site and type your text in the text box. The tool will turn your text into fancy fonts instantly. Now you just need to copy and paste in your profile, tweets, stories. Isn't that very simple.

Apart from these all, there are also thousands of symbols that you can choose from. Symbols such as Currency Symbols, Heart Symbols, Star Symbols, Mahjong Tiles symbols and much more.

Let me know how you use it. Hope this helps with your twitter creative tweets.