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Edge Intelligence is Paving the Way for Smarter Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Transportation

Edge intelligence has the potential to transform the manufacturing industry. In fact, the process has already begun. Ranging from pipeline safety and smart metering to fleet management and warehouse management, intelligent edge solutions have already helped improve safety and efficiency, while delivering cost savings and improved user experiences.

Microservices Architecture - Kubernetes

Kubernetes is increasingly becoming the de-facto standard with more software & applications workloads moving into containers. Kubernetes has capture the cloud market by storm through the implementation of strong infrastructure development. It makes deploying and managing the app easier and improve reliability and reduce the time you need to spend on DevOps.

CloudOps in IoT

Companies today, are increasingly moving their IoT systems to cloud to enhance the scalability and user-experience of the devices. Migration of IoT systems to cloud not only includes infrastructure migration, but also involves migration of operations to the cloud -- termed as CloudOps. Let us understand in detail about CloudOps in IoT.

IoT Application Messaging Protocols a complete guide

IoT and connected devices use different communication and messaging protocols at different layers. While developing an IoT device, the selection of the protocol largely depends on the type, layer and function to be performed by the device. MQTT, XMPP, DDS, AMQP, and CoAP are a few of the widely used communication protocols for the IoT application layer. Let us understand each of them in detail.