April 16, 2020

Hollywood’s Hottest Bachelors in 2020

Vince Vaughn

Even if he was butt-ugly, Vince would still be on our list just because of his charm and great sense of humor. But thankfully his not bad looking at all, he actually matches the tall, dark and handsome stereotype perfectly. And if he was good enough for Jennifer Aniston, there must be something to him, right?


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Josh Hartnett

Can you believe this guy is in his 30s? You have to admit time’s been pretty kind with this Hollywood sex-symbol and I guess he knows it, since he’s in no hurry to settle down. Many women may not like Josh Hartnett’s hardcore playboy reputation, but I’m pretty sure one smile from him would bring them to their knees.

Adrian Grenier

Best known for his lead role in HBO’s Entourage, Adrian has become a ladies favorite in a very short time. He’s not very masculine, not a lot of muscle on his bones, but why does anyone need muscles when they have eyes like this guy’s. He dated some models and young actresses but it seems he values his freedom.

Ryan Philippe

I bet not many ladies expected hottie Ryan Philippe to be back on the market after he married Reese Witherspoon, but apparently miracles do happen. Even if their marriage seemed rock-solid at one point, nothing lasts forever in Hollywood and the two parted ways in 2019. Ryan has not had a serious relationship since.

Shemar Moore

First time I saw Shemar was on the never-ending soap-opera The Young and the Restless, but he’s come a long way since then and is now on the hit TV-show Criminal Minds. Even before he was an established Hollywood star, Shemar was breaking hearts and his string of affairs is more than impressive. It looks like this hansom man is going to be restless when he’s old too.

Gerard Butler

How can any girl say no to Gerard after seeing him with just a piece of cloth around his waist, in 300? And he’s as close as you can get to dating Leonidas, Attila the Hun, Beowulf or The Phantom of the Opera. He’s extremely good looking and he’s got an accent that could melt an ice-queen.

James Franco

Many have called him the James Dean of our time and he’s even played the Hollywood legend in HBO TV movie. He’s definitely got Dean’s charisma, just ask Sienna Miller, she’ll tell you. Young Franco doesn’t have any thoughts of committing right now, and why should he?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo’s not as popular as he was back when Titanic came out but he’s still a great catch. Problem is he doesn’t want to get caught and if Gisele Bundchen or Jessica Biel couldn’t do it, I doubt anyone else will anytime soon. Still he’s on the market ladies and it can’t hurt to try.

Keanu Reeves

He’s now a Hollywood veteran but that doesn’t mean he’s lost his sex-appeal. There are plenty of women that would throw themselves at Keanu’s feet if he’s have them, but the star of The Matrix has had such a troubled life and a steady relationship doesn’t seem to be something he wants anymore. Hard to believe destiny can be so cruel to Hollywood stars, but he’s a perfect example…

George Clooney

No surprise here, I know, but you have to hand it to him, George Clooney has raised being a bachelor to an art. He recently stated that though he admires his friends for being able to stay married, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to settle down with somebody, he simply values his freedom too much. There’s no one like Georgey, that much is certain.