Appreciating Mature women As Individuals

We all have had those moments where we’ve talked to a girl, got her phone number, or maybe have even went out on a couple of dates with a girl, where she seemed interested, but wouldn’t quite follow through when you called her, tried to have sex with her, or make her exclusively yours. In other words, you know that she feels attraction for you, but for one reason or another, she’s not following up.

So how do you get around this? I’ve actually spent years working on this, and I’ve found that the solution is to appreciate mature women as individuals. All of my verbal game is based around this one founding principle. A woman wants to feel like you are really into her, and that she is not just a number. These girls have a lot of attractive men to choose from, but most of these mature women are not going to follow up with these men although there is attraction.

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Think about how guys come at them. Sure, you may be entertaining, or even have a really cool pick-up line, but mature women aren’t stupid. They know that you could have easily used that line on any other girl. You get around this by catering your opener to her, and making it seem like you were absolutely taken aback by HER. I do this by complimenting mature women on something very specific about them, and by showing appreciation for the things they tell me when we talk (i.e. if she tells me that she is a nurse, I might respond with how it's cool that she feels the need to help people and how challenging the job must be).

When mature women can tell that you are an attractive guy that should have no problem getting attention from mature women, and you come at them with a statement basically saying “I get attention from a lot of mature women, but for some overpowering reason, there’s something about YOU that has caused me to stop and absolutely have to talk to you.”, mature women are flattered and feel the need to dedicate some of their time to you. This is the basic fantasy of mature women: Attractive guy with many options comes along, and for some reason, her overpowering beauty/aura/whatever takes his breath away.

Seriously, when you already have attraction, that’s all you have to let mature women know. I never picked up on how many times I’ve been talking to a girlfriend or a girl that I’ve been sleeping with, and have had her ask me “Why do you like me so much, again?” or say “Tell me what you like about me again.” until recently. Every woman has that need to be seen as an individual with traits that overpower an attractive man that has other options when it comes to mature women.

Almost none of the men out there do this. Instead, they come at mature women with generic lines, long drawn out stories that have nothing to do with the girl, and tricks that may be entertaining, but doesn’t make the girl want to continue seeing said guy or answer her phone when he calls, even if he is attractive. This is exactly why mature women won’t date or sleep with players; they don’t feel special and they know that he uses those same lines and routines on other mature women. Most players have no concept of appreciating a woman's individuality.

If you’re dressed the way I told you to (better than other men, and not on par), and have your inner game together, you should have no problem being seen as an attractive guy. And when you tailor your openers for that specific girl, and use your conversation to relate to and appreciate that girl’s specific story or situation, mature women are going to fall head over heels for you. You’re the one attractive guy that gets it and knows how to appreciate her as an individual and not a girl that is just one of many. Make her fantasy become her reality.