Now we are in accumulation zone

There are 2 situations in here is up or down ( anyone can know that ) but which way will come. Alt depend on Bitcoin. When Bitcoin are sideway in 66-67 so it is hard for predict for XRP rightnow. 
  • But we will consider some indicators and some aspect in here. 
  • Ichimoku occur red cloud >> suppport for downtrend 
  • MMAR support for uptrend in short 
  • SAR support downtrend 
  • RSI has bullish divergence so we will see uptrend in short 
  • DMI 4c >>> uptrend in short 
  • Elder Impulse >>> increase 
  • We are in triangle pattern so wait for break up or down and make your decision. 

Also look at WMA 70 and WMA 105, if WMA 70 cut down with WMA105 so we should prepare for next downtrend.

September 24, 2018
by CryptoBaron
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