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What is empathy?

Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of other/fellow human being. I have read a different version of empathy on the internet from different authors stating that empathy is feeling what others are going through. We all watch movies and they are all from different genres. Some movies have an impact on us and that stays from a couple of days to weeks. Have you noticed why? It’s because we are trying to feel the same feeling of what the other person going through in that movie. It gets heavy and more emotional. If for a movie, you could let yourself down with emotional trauma which is not your own, it’s too easy when a real person is involved.

What is a Systems Coach:

To understand the role of a Systems Coach, let us understand what is the meaning of a System.

Where does intuition come from?

The brain is a supercomputer of supercomputers and it keeps learning and learning. Predictions are based on a bunch of formulae but they aren't right from the first. They learn, tweak and change every now and then based on the validation of intuition. The process of letting the intuition out of validation is called blurting. Whenever you have an intuition, you should let it out. If it involves other people, you should ask them if your intuition is correct. Blurting helps you in coming up with correct intuitions. The perfect formulae are created by lots of tweaking.

How to stop a bad habit permanently?

Remember that it’s not the outside world, external forces nor people who are responsible for your habitual change. It's you, your approach and your attitude towards getting it done. Majority of the times, people expect faster results and they give up when the change they expect doesn't happen instantly. Always keep in mind that perseverance is needed in changing something which your subconscious has picked up already. You need to constantly and consciously do things over and over again so that it becomes a habit. Great people build new habits to achieve different results. Your old habits could actually get you only so far.

Developing Self Motivation

Developing Self Motivation


If the situation that demands attention is repetitive, people consider it so boring. Same time, if the situation is beyond challenging, people fall in to anxiety. It's a trap. The right amount of everything is what keep people going. It should have the right amount of balance in challenge so that it leads to learning. Is the environment right for learning?

Important things to improve your career

Everyone reads, but what you are reading is very much important. Some read news, fiction, novels, comics, stories, articles, and even memes. Make a list of books/white papers/articles/blogs that you want to read towards your goal. Make it a plan and make sure you measure it. Reading as a habit will help you in a longer run. Choose your comfortable format for reading. It could be books or kindle or audible. Find what works for you and stick to it. Also, find a suitable place and time for you to read.

3 things to take care of your emotional well-being

Design thinking

How to do Sprint Planning

There are so many questions when we try to do a Sprint Planning. Some of them could be,

What's the purpose of Sprint Planning?

The purpose of Sprint Planning is to define the outcome of the Sprint like a business objective or learning goal, like validating a hypothesis and then create a plan to achieve it.