How to handle scope creep in a Sprint?

Completely depends on a teams capacity and priority of user stories in the sprint backlog! If there is no capacity and all items already scoped are priority, SM needs to talk to the product owner and convey it cannot ve done! If the new ones are more priority

Initially evaluate the scope creep to understand the impact of its delivery and the cost involved in implementation along with other parameters like time and effort

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If there are benefits involved and the client is willing to negotiate with the delivery timeline with the extra costs then communicate the same with all the relevant stakeholders. There should be a clear understanding of the requirements with no room for any ambiguity within the team and the clients. Analyze which items can be de-scoped to accommodate the new requests to deliver a testable product. Discuss the cause of the scope creep in the retrospective meetings and arrive upon plans for improvement.

Certified Scrum Professional - Scrum Master

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