Self- Help — Developing Self Motivation

Self- Help — Developing Self Motivation

Getting better at what they do is what everyone aspires. Some make effort, some procrastinate, some want to but unable to, some are struck without resources and so on. If you want, you need to go behind it. Some have the motivation by default, others need to work hard. How to do that? There are lot many ways people build motivation. Some watch motivation speeches, read motivational books, derive inspiration from celebrity biographies and so on. The list is too long. Many a time, this derived motivation is like alcohol, pushes you when they are being taken but later you will be sober and back. So, what is that one need to do? Let us explore few things which can help you acquire some resources in getting what you want.

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Start the below with a paper and pen/pencil. Write it down, whenever I ask you to imagine or think. That way it helps. You need to trust me.

Before we proceed, you need to ensure the below.

  • Ask yourself what is the best thing that you have done for yourself without anyone's help which you feel pride about. This thing that you have done should have been done with self-motivation. You wanted it so badly and you pushed yourself to get it. Let's call it a "proud moment".
  • Now ask yourself on what is the one thing which you want to do but you are unable to push yourself to do it. Let's call it an "aspired moment".

We are going to work something on "aspired moment" before we start. This will help us in getting some details about what we want before we proceed with what we are going to do about it.

Take the example of your favorite movie. Now, imagine what did you like most in that movie. If I have to ask you to remember the best moments in that movie, how would you remember it?

  • Is it the visuals? or
  • Is it the dialogues/music? or
  • Is it the feeling that you have when you think about the movie? or
  • Is it a special smell that reminds you of the scenes in the movie? or
  • Is it a taste that makes you remember?

Take another example of remembering an old friend from your past. What makes you remember that person? It could be either the person's face or how he/she speaks or how did they made you feel or it could be a perfume/body odour of them or it could be the taste of a food item that you have shared with them.

CSPO Certification

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