What’s logical about empathy?

As you know now that you should not be too emotional for your decision-making skills to work. When you are too involved in the problem, it’s hard to find a solution to it. You need to be emotionally distant for a solution to pop up even for your own problem. When you are discussing other’s problem, you need to be logical to step into someone’s shoes, understand their perspective, their emotions and step out of the shoes to provide a perspective for the person who is emotionally down or drowned.

In Coaching, the emotional and logical part of the brain of the coach needs to be perfectly balanced to achieve a flawless breakthrough. Too much emotion can lead you astray from client’s agenda and a bias towards your coachee. Too much of calculative thinking will lead you to be emotionally distant from your coachee.

Certified Agile Coach

From my experience, empathy should be perfectly balanced and the coach should trust his/her intuition on when to put on the shoes and when to leave it.

Empathy is natural in all living creatures for its fellow ones. It is not a new thing or a concept in the industry. There is a wonderful article on empathy with tests conducted on mice.

Certified Agile Coach

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