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Attend one organizational design conference this year.

Attending conferences is one of the ways to keep yourself updated about current trends in the industry. Conferences also gives you a chance to meet different people, different cultural backgrounds, different Organizations and different perspectives. Industry leaders, trainers and speakers related to the conference will participate and one can learn so much from them. It helps to stay abreast with the industry, new trends and other related things.

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Help your team attend one technical conference this year.

Just like Scrum Masters needs to attend conferences to stay abreast with the industry and trends, it is must for the team also to attend technical conferences. Scrum Master should encourage the team to attend technical conferences related to their work and interest. This will help them in understanding the related new technologies and industry best practices in product development.

Not promote favoritism within the team and treat everyone equally.

Scrum Master should not have any bias and should be accepted by all. Once a Scrum Master have preference over people and practices, it limits them. Also, Scrum Master loses trust of the team when have favouritism inside team. Favoritism to team members or to the Product Owner affects team morale and decline in outcomes. Treating everyone equally is one of the qualities of a leader and increases the chance of approachability.

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