Outing season! Check how to choose kids backpack!

I feel early summer these days. In kindergartens and elementary schools, it is also a time for events such as excursions. I would like to prepare my belongings as soon as possible so that I can fully enjoy excursions that can be said to be a major event for children.
Kids rucksack is an indispensable item for excursions. I would like to select a backpack for lunch boxes, water bottles, handkerchiefs, etc., not only for design but also for ease of use.

Cass Kidson from the UK has a wide variety of kids backpacks. Introducing the best way to choose a kids backpack along with the leather backpacks for school in the UK.

Speaking of school bags for elementary schools in Japan, school bags are the mainstream. In the same way, a school bag called “Sassel” is widely used in the UK.
The sash is made from various materials such as leather, vinyl and cloth. It is basically designed to carry like a backpack, but you can also put it on your shoulder.

In English schools, textbooks and writing utensils are not brought home as in Japan, and the style is left in the school. Therefore, there is no need for a large school bag and it is smaller than a Japanese school bag. We go to school with minimum necessary accessories such as water bottles and notebooks.

Recently, the number of cases using general kids' backpacks instead of sachets is increasing. It seems that demand for kids backpacks is growing because it is more compact and lighter than sashels, and is rich in design. If you have a colorful and cute printed backpack, you can find your child at a glance from the back.

Have pockets and partitions

There are many small things that I bring to school, and if I put everything together, the backpack can become messy when I walk or run ...
In order to keep things organized and organized, it is better to choose one that has a lot of pockets and partitions. If you decide where to store items in advance, you can reduce lost or lost items.

hould not cause pain in shoulders when carrying

It is also a point that you want to check carefully whether the design is easy to carry for children. If the shoulder straps are thin and hard, they may bite into the shoulders and sides, causing them to slip or turn red.
If the item inside is lightweight, there is no worry, but if it is a rucksack for loading heavy items such as lunch boxes and water bottles, it is recommended to select items with wide and soft shoulder straps.

Colorful and easy to attract children

If you prefer the taste and sense of adults, you tend to choose an elegant and elegant design, but one of the important points is to be the eyes of children.
In particular, items printed with creatures such as rabbits, dinosaurs, and fish are sure to attract children's interest. Choose cute and pop prints that you can wear just because you are a small child and use them a lot.

The baggage door is wide open

Whether or not the baggage door opens and closes is an important point when choosing a kids backpack. If the slot is narrow, it is difficult to remove the contents inside, making it inconvenient to return to the backpack. In particular, when you take out large items such as lunch boxes and water bottles, you will feel annoyed.
The type that opens all the top of the rucksack and the type that opens 180 degrees with a zipper is outstanding in ease of removal. It is easy to use even for small children.