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The New Girl by SweetestThing

Amanda Kelly held on for dear life as the black Mercedes whipped through the winding highway. Had he always driven so fast? She didn't remember. It'd been a long time since she'd been in the same car as her father.

Retirement Dinner by SweetestThing

Allison Donovan hummed to herself as she ran the rubber mixer through the bowl, making sure to get the bits that had stuck to the side of it's. She hummed to herself as she did so. It was quite a sight, the 23 year old raven haired beauty was wearing nothing but a low cut black lace bra, matching panties and a little white apron. She knew it was naughty to be out in the kitchen in her underwear but she didn't mind it. It actually sent a little thrill through her. Besides, she'd only gotten out of bed a few minutes ago. Why go to all the trouble to shower and get dressed just to get baking and get messy again? No, she'd just thrown the apron on over what she'd slept in and gotten to work.

Just Desserts by SweetestThing

It was the monthly staff meeting. It was Jack Stevens' last monthly staff meeting. He was being forced to retire and he was not especially happy about it. He'd worked at Fisher and Cooper Engineering for 37 years. He'd done some of the important work to get the firm off the ground but still hadn't risen past a cubicle. There was a reason though and it certainly wasn't incompetence or a lack of drive.He'd been one of Mike Cooper's first hires back in '73. Jack had been fresh out of school and the firm was brand new. Cooper and Fisher were only a couple years older than he'd been. His first few projects had gone well, they'd gotten a reputation as a young, fresh firm. The money started piling up. Eventually Jack started to think a partnership was in his future and broached the subject with the founders at dinner. They disagreed strongly. Angry words were exchanged. Jack, defeated, had spent the rest of that night getting plastered. He'd driven home. It was a rainy night and both the weather and the whiskey had contributed to some very erratic driving. He didn't even see the car he slammed into. Nobody had been killed but it was a bad enough crash and one of the passengers in the other car had been hurt badly enough that they'd charged him with a felony DUI. He avoided jail time but still had a conviction on his record.

Homecoming Ch. 01 by SweetestThing

Author's Note: This is the first of what will hopefully be a multi-part story that will contain a little bit of everything I like. Hope you enjoy.

Christmas with the Fergusons by SweetestThing

Author's Note: A bit different from my other stories. I try to keep set-up to a minimum before getting to the sex. The sex in question is between people of the same and different genders and runs the gamut from the sweet and loving to the dirty and angry. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Good Neighbours by SweetestThing

From the Author: A relatively quick story about an unexpected relationship that I tried writing in the first person. It contains two married people having sex outside of their marriages so, if that offends, it's probably best if you stop reading here. This story is fictional and any similarities to any actual people or events is unintentional and unlikely but would be freaking awesome.