Homecoming Ch. 01 by SweetestThing

Author's Note: This is the first of what will hopefully be a multi-part story that will contain a little bit of everything I like. Hope you enjoy.


"Yeah, this is it. Turn left." Amber Williams said wearily to the man driving the cab as it turned onto the Old River road behind the Gas Station. It had been a long time since Amber had been up to the lake here but she'd been on the drive up enough as a child that she probably could have made the drive blindfolded. She'd had to give the cabbie directions though. It was not a common drive for anyone to make who hadn't spent most of their summers here. For a cab driver from a few towns over even her precise directions had required explanation. She talked about roads he didn't know and even towns he barely recognized. It had turned what should have been a drive of an hour and a half into a trip of nearly twice that. Amber was glad she'd negotiated a flat-rate with the cab company.

"This is where you live?" The cabbie asked. The Old River Road was a long and winding gravel road that had hills and was barely wide enough for two cars. It looked as though it had been hacked out of the thick woods with a machete.

"Just drive to the end." Amber sighed. Ordinarily she wouldn't be so testy with someone she'd barely met but she was at the end of a long and brutal trip. She'd been on five different planes to get where she was going. She'd flown for 20 hours, waited in Airports in Tokyo, Hawaii, Los Angeles for almost 8 hours more before finally arriving via a tiny little 8 person plane into the tiny little Airfield that was the nearest possible place to land a plane. Then the agony of the cab ride when she felt like if she closed her eyes for more than two seconds she'd sleep for three weeks. Her head pounded from exhaustion. Her back ached from carrying the luggage that, the disinterested Airline rep had explained to her at her last stop, was now lost. She was hungry and tired and felt like she hadn't bathed in weeks, let alone the two days it had actually been. As the cab slowly made it's way down the dark road, Amber began to regret her decision to make the trip for what must have been the hundredth time.

Amber had never fit in with her family. Her father Joe had met her mother Angela when he was a construction worker and she was working as a hostess at a steakhouse. Her mother had barely finished high school, her Father hadn't bothered. They'd married when they were both just 19. Despite a lack of education, Joe had done well for himself. Along with his best friend Bill Carter, Joe had gone from just being a construction worker to being a contractor to eventually starting a successful demolitions company. With their success the two had bought large, sprawling houses right next to each other in a fancy new development in a small town, commuting to the city for work. Angela and BIll's wife Anne had even gotten pregnant at around the same time with Angela giving birth to Amber's older brother Brad and Bill and Anne having their only daughter Jamie only a week apart.


The two families couldn't have been closer. There were pool parties and BBQ's. They spent their Christmases together. They even vacationed so much together that, eventually, Bill and Joe had decided to buy the Lake property that Amber was currently on her way to. The two families had bought it for the purpose of spending all of their summers together. Everybody got along. The men all cared about football and fishing equipment and beer. The women all cared about shopping and cooking and showing off whatever ugly bit of decorating they'd done. Joe and Angela's kids grew up calling Bill and Anne their "Aunt" and "Uncle" and vice-versa.

And born into all of that was Amber. Amber, who didn't care about designer jeans that cost 200 dollars a pair. Amber who pointed out that it didn't matter whose gigantic pick-up truck had the nicest interior when both were gas guzzlers that were going to kill the planet. Amber, who bristled at all of the ignorant, reactionary half-formed political views that came from their mouths when they complained about minorities leeching off the system that their tax dollars. When Amber had a violin recital on a Friday she'd learned to expect her parents not to show up. That was Football night. Her siblings both followed their parent's educational example, barely getting out of high school. Amber had the brains and the discipline to get a scholarship to Stanford. Both of those things had been equally important. The scholarship so that she wouldn't be dependent on her parent's money while at school and Stanford because it meant she'd be a hundreds of miles away.

Amber had lost touch with them. At first her parents had made an effort to call and keep in touch but the truth was they had nothing to talk about when they'd lived together. Her parents and siblings couldn't have cared less about Anthropology. Amber didn't care about who had cheated on who in their quiet suburban community. Amber had never felt particularly slighted by this. Some families are close, some aren't. Some have black sheep. Joe and Angela didn't fly out to see it when Amber had gotten her undergrad in just three years and a few months later when she'd called to tell them she'd been accepted into Grad School at Oxford and her father had replied with "Uh huh. And?" that had been the last straw for Amber. There were no more cursory attempts to phone. No more semi-annual visits. That had been two years ago. She lived in England now, an entire ocean between them, and that had been where she'd been when she'd been surprised by some tiny bit of contact from home. It was an invitation to her Brother's wedding at the Lake House. Brad and Jamie had dated since high school and were now apparently tying the knot. Amber hadn't even known that they'd had her address.

It was actually to the point that, when Amber's Professor had invited her along with him to a lecture in Hong Kong on a conflicting date, Amber had RSVP'd the wedding invitation in the negative. She'd felt somewhat bad about it but even that was more about the state of ambivalence between Amber and her family than it was any sadness about missing the wedding between her brother and the woman who'd been like a sister to her. The lecture in question was to be given by the renowned Dr. Chen-Chi Ling and her Professor had convinced her that the event would be an excellent chance to network for possible doctoral programs. So Amber's academic ambitions had trumped whatever remaining familial ties she might have felt and she found herself in a Hong Kong hotel the week before her Brother's wedding.

Fate, however, had left her reconsidering her decision. The day that Amber's plane had landed in China, Dr. Ling had died in an automobile accident. The University had cancelled the Lecture and had offered to fly any attendees who'd already arrived to fly them back home. Amber, selfishly disappointed by the missed opportunity, had accepted the travel voucher and was standing in line to buy her ticket back to England when an announcement throughout the airport had struck a chord with her. There were two stand-by seats available to Los Angeles provided someone was willing to make a few connections. Amber, who'd begun to feel a little guiltier about missing the wedding, would have ascribed it to fate if she'd believed in such a concept. It was the result of some people missing their flights to LA, not to mention a tragic four car pile-up, that lead to her having this chance. Amber didn't believe in fate but she did believe that the Universe can occasionally give you a push in the right direction. Her voucher had been used on one of the seats back to the States. She'd then work out a flight to Detroit on her own. Then it was Detroit to the aforementioned tiny airfield and she'd be surprising her family at the Lake. Amber had thought to call ahead, make sure it was still alright, but she'd decided against it. She'd pretend that she was in the kind of family where this would be a happy surprise.

Which led her here. Pulling up into the group of small buildings that sat on the still waters of Lake Miskwa. The lake had gotten it's name from an Algonquin word for the colour red, a description of how the waters would appear during one of the dazzling sunsets that Amber had witnessed over the years. That was not the case now. Amber checked her watch for the time but, it still being on Hong Kong time, it was of little help in determining how late it was. She leaned over and, in the cab's dashboard, saw that it was almost midnight. Amber wasn't worried. With everyone up at the Lake nobody was in bed early. Amber knew there'd be drinking out on the deck or laughing near the fire-pit or the sounds of the hot-tub going.

The Lake House was not, technically speaking, a house. It was 6 buildings on several acres. There were 5 sleeping cabins and one larger central building they'd always just called the Hub. The cabins were just bedrooms with a tiny bathroom. The larger house had the kitchen and dining room and pool table and all of the other entertainments and luxuries they'd put in over the years. It also had all of the cars parked out front. Or, Amber thought, it usually did. There wasn't a car to be seen. Amber thought for a moment that she'd gotten it wrong. That the wedding had been back at the family's suburban home but, no, she looked at the invitation again and it was at the Lake. The cab rolled to a stop outside of the Hub. The Cab driver almost looked as weary as Amber did when they finally came to a stop.

"That's 150 bucks." He said glumly. He'd negotiated the flat rate thinking that it would have been a much shorter trip. Amber sighed, opened her wallet, and pulled out two hundred dollars for the man. That brought a bit of a smile to his face. She reached over for the small carry-on bag that was the only piece of luggage that hadn't been lost and opened the car door. Even that act sapped what little was left of her strength.

"I can keep your directions to get back, right?" The Cabbie asked

"Sure." Amber shrugged as he got back into the car and drove off. Amber looked up at the Hub. Calling the place a cottage seemed wrong. It was like someone had taken a suburban townhouse and just built it in the middle of nowhere on a Lake. Amber's eyes bulged as she reached into her pocket. She didn't have keys. She'd taken it for granted. She'd had keys to the place since she was 12 and kept it on a little dinosaur bone key chain. Amber remembered, cursing herself as she did, that when she'd moved into her flat in Oxford taking all of her old keys off the ring and put on her new ones. The thought hadn't occurred to her on her trip because of her exhaustion and because she still had the same key chain. She thought about coming all this way and not even being able to lie down and sleep and she nearly cried.

"Where the fuck is everyone?" Amber cursed as she walked up to the front door. They'd used to have an emergency key in a fake rock in a potted plant on the porch but there was no plant to be seen. She looked in vain for the fake rock but couldn't find one. In desperation, she opened the door and knocked. She knocked and then slumped wearily back onto the porch's oak railing. She was not hopeful. But, to her delighted surprise, Amber heard someone coming down the stairs and begin unlocking the door. She wondered who it'd be. Her father? Mother? Brad?

"Just hold on one second...." Came the feminine voice as the door opened. Amber had been wrong. It wasn't her tall, imposing father or her bleached blonde mother. It was Amber herself. The light brown hair, the bright hazel-yellow eyes and the full, pouty lips that made up her face. The same breasts that Amber knew to measure 32d and which occasionally made Amber's lower back ache after a long day. The same slim waist and hips. The same 5 foot, 3 inch frame. It was all a perfect match for what Amber saw when she stepped out of the shower. And that was literal because the hair was wet and a Towel was wrapped around the body, leaving a large valley of cleavage and only barely covering the top half of the thighs. Amber saw her own eyes dart around disappointedly before locking onto Amber's slumping form.

"Oh. You're here." Said Jasmine, Amber's identical twin sister. "We didn't think you were coming."

This was said with as much shock and surprise as if she'd discovered that they'd run out of breakfast cereal. Amber nodded.

"Hey." Amber said wearily. Despite their supposedly identical DNA, Amber and Jasmine were no closer than Amber and any other member of her family. Jasmine had been a cheerleader and homecoming queen. Amber hadn't even gone to the homecoming dance. She'd had offers but she hated football and hated the way school dances were just an excuse to drink and fool around. Jasmine looked again at her sister before sighing.

"Does this mean I'm going to have to share the cabin with you again?" Jasmine whined. Amber and Jasmine had always shared the same cabin. Amber shook her head.

"I don't know. I'm sure they can find somewhere else for me if needed." Amber said.

"Jeez, Amber. What if I brought a guy?"

That was going to take some getting used to. Not Jasmine's selfish whining, that was as familiar as her face. No, it was the name. She wasn't called Amber by anyone she knew anymore. Amber and Jasmine had each been given one of their grandmother's names as their middle names and that was why, when a printer had malfunctioned when she was photocopying her birth certificate for her passport application, Amber had seen the name Gillian where she should have seen Amber. Amber found she liked the idea greatly. When she'd gotten to Oxford she'd simply started introducing herself as Gillian. She signed all of her papers as A.G. Williams. She just didn't think the world of academia would take a Dr. Amber seriously. She still thought of herself as Amber but it was still odd to actually hear it again. She picked up her bag and walked past her twin into the house.

"Where is everyone?" Amber asked as she took a few steps into the house. She grabbed the key to her and Jasmine's familiar cabin #4 from the hook off the wall. Jasmine closed the door and walked back inside.

"Went into town for dinner and drinks. I'm just about to join them." Jasmine said as she grabbed a second towel from a nearby chair and began drying her hair "I thought you were the cab I called."

"And that's how you answered the door?"

Jasmine just giggled in response to that. That was another of the differences between the two girls. Amber had always dressed simply. The jeans and t-shirt she was wearing now indicative of how she'd always dressed. Jasmine had largely been the same, provided the jeans were a size tighter and the T-shirt cut in half. Amber had chastely dated the same boy throughout high-school. Jasmine had gotten suspended after their senior prom for being caught having sex in the bathroom with a boy who had not even been her date for the night.

"So what are you doing in school?" Jasmine asked as she kept running the towel over her hair. Amber felt the throbbing behind her eyes but still attempted to answer the question.

"Well, Doctor Evans and I are planning a trip to Greece. He thinks that some of the Island monasteries may...."

"God, I'm already bored." Jasmine moaned. Amber just sighed.

"What are you doing these days Jas?" Amber tried to at least have some sort of conversation with her sister. She knew that Jasmine's favourite subject, by far, was Jasmine.

"It's so awesome." Jasmine said as she dropped her towel and reached for a stack of clothes that were on a kitchen counter. She grabbed a black thong and began sliding it up her legs. "I'm working for this marketing firm that promotes various drinks, right? So me and a bunch of other hot girls go to clubs and drink and party all night and get paid for it. How wicked is that?"

"It's totally wicked." Amber said without a great deal of feeling. Jasmine pulled a tight, black t-shirt down over her braless chest and kept going.

"And me and Chelsea and Brianna, who both work with me, share this unbelievable place in Ann Arbor." Jasmine said, referencing girls that Amber was apparently supposed to remember. Jasmine completed her ensemble with a very short pink skirt. She grabbed a nearby hand bag, opened her make-up mirror and began applying eyeshadow. Amber sighed. Watching Jasmine get dressed in front of her had been no big deal. They'd done it together since they were born. It had, however, reminded Amber that she had no luggage.

"I may need to borrow some clothes, Jas." Amber said. "Airline lost my luggage."

Jasmine stopped what she was doing and, annoyed, and looked her sister over.

"You have kept working out, right?" She asked pointedly. Amber rolled her eyes and nodded. The one thing Amber had always loved about being at the Lake was swimming and she still swam almost every day at the University gym.

"Just until I can do some shopping."

"Well, there's some old stuff in the cabin." Jasmine said before chuckling and shaking her head as though Amber losing her luggage had been a weekly occurrence growing up. "The top two drawers are my current hot stuff so no touch-y."

Amber stood up, her feet unsteady. She'd tried to make some conversation with the sister she hadn't seen in years but the truth was she needed sleep so badly that she was beginning to feel nauseous. She stumbled towards the door.

"Need to crash, Jas. Say hi for me." She said as she opened the door and was refreshed somewhat by the cool air.

"My Bed's still the bed on the left!" Jasmine shouted after her. Amber barely heard her. She walked unsteadily along the dirt path until she saw the one with the brass #4 on the door. Below that, in script dotted with floral decorations, was still the card that read Amber and Jasmine.

Amber and Jasmine. Amber sighed. It was like her Mom and Dad had actually wanted them to grow up to be strippers. She made her way inside, smiled a bit at how the cabin was exactly how she remembered it, and kicked her shoes off. She walked towards the purple bed that was opposite the bright pink one and collapsed on it. She was practically asleep before her head hit the pillow.

Part 2.

Amber had no idea what time it was when she woke up. She didn't even know what day it was when she woke up. Her parents very well may have let her sleep the entire day. Jasmine was fast asleep in her own bed though and that told her that, because Jasmine was wearing the same outfit she'd worn out, it was not the next day. A look at her phone confirmed this. It was only two in the morning. Despite that, Amber felt as though she'd slept for a week. She almost felt as though she was late for something. She got up groggily. Her throat felt like something had died in it. She yanked off her T-Shirt and wiggled out of her jeans and tried to get some more sleep.

She awoke for good an hour later. She didn't understand it. When she'd gone to sleep she'd felt as though her body was about to collapse. But she was now wide awake after a little more than three and a half hours of sleep. She still felt drained and still felt weak but she try as she could she couldn't sleep. Her throat still felt her early morning grossness so Amber decided to head back up to the Hub for something to drink. She opened the top drawer of the dresser before she remembered Jasmine's instructions and opened the bottom drawer instead. There was an over-sized Detroit Tigers T-shirt in there that would suit a trip to the house perfectly. Such forms of relative undress were entirely common in the common area. They were all family after all.

Jasmine kept snoring softly as Amber crept from the cabin and quickly made her way back to the Hub. There were no lights on inside, which was typical for when everyone had gone to bed, and so Amber opened the door and flicked the kitchen light on. She opened the fridge first. She'd hoped there'd be some bottled water. There wasn't. She sighed. There was plenty of beer and wine and vodka coolers and soft drinks but no juice or milk. Tap water it would have to be then. Amber turned the tap on to let the water cool a bit before she walked over to the cabinets. Just opening them was something she had to stand on her tip toes to do. Actually getting one of the larger drinking glasses was still hard for the short girl. She'd just begun to feel exposed by her shirt riding up when she felt hands on her ass. And not in a friendly way.

"You dirty fucking slut." The voice belonging to the strong hands squeezing her ass hissed into her ear. "You think that's funny? Rubbing my cock under the table with my wife right fucking there?"

Amber knew the voice right away. It was her "Uncle" Bill.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She exclaimed.

"What I should have done at that restaurant, you little cock-tease." He continued. "Made me wait even longer in here than usual."

"Bill, get off me." Amber tried to push at him. He held her still as he yanked her shirt up over her hips.

"You want to play that game again?" She felt Bill's hands yank her panties to the side and spread her legs. "Fine, then just shut up and take it slut."

Amber was groggy still. Disoriented from her trip. But she wasn't an idiot she could connect two pretty obvious dots.

"For fuck's sake Bill I'm Am-"

But her words were cut short. First by Bill's hand wrapping around her throat and then by the penetration of what felt like the thickest cock Amber had ever had sinking into her. She screamed as best she could but the grip on her neck made it little more than a moan. She hadn't been ready for the intrusion and not one that stretched her as much as it did. It was a stabbing pain at first. She kept trying to choke out her name but his grip was just tight enough that all she could get out was:


"God, the way you soak when we do this." Bill said as his thick, meaty cock kept pumping inside. Amber was surprised by this too. In one of the darkest little corners of her mind, something that only came out after a glass or two too much wine, Amber would often fantasize about being taken against her will. She'd even gotten a previous boyfriend to roleplay this with her and she'd had one of the most phenomenal orgasms of her life. As Bill began thrusting himself inside, Amber reacted like she had then. Only now she was being taken. Amber had no interest in fucking her Father's best friend. But she couldn't see him. He was holding her head firmly in place. All she could feel of him was that achingly thick cock parting her lips as it stuffed itself inside again and again. The visceral reaction was something she couldn't control. She felt herself get wetter and his passage made easier and easier. She kept trying to struggle but his grip was too tight. She simply had to take it and like it. Much to her mortification, she found she was liking it a great deal. She tried to keep her mind off who it was and just on what was happening to her and it worked. Her body, drained though it may be, was reacting uncontrollably to the first shag she'd had in almost 5 months.

When she and her boyfriend had role-played her fantasies, she'd had to practically beg him to be rougher than he wanted. He'd been a sweet guy, unused to the oddity of Amber's request(even though Amber had pointed out it was a fairly common fantasy for women), and had really only done it half-heartedly. Amber was now getting the whole thing. She couldn't escape if she wanted. Getting the real thing was to her role play what she had to imagine methadone was to a heroin addict. As Bill's big cock kept being pumped into her, Amber felt a delirious drug-like rush wash over her. Soon she stopped struggling. She just moaned as she felt the cock stretch her and penetrate her over and over.

"C'mon, get there you bitch." Bill hissed again through gritted teeth. "I have to get back to fucking bed."

Amber moaned. That was one of the things she'd wanted her boyfriend to do but he hadn't really been able to. Tell her to cum. Order it. Amber felt herself wanting to comply, pushing back onto Bill's dick in an effort to get there as he fucked her over the counter. She closed her eyes and kept herself in the sensations and ignored the actual wheres and what's and whys and who's and just let herself by brought over the edge by Bill's thick, mushroom headed battering ram. She was so deprived and eager that it was only a few minutes of this savage, pounding sex that had her on the verge of doing as commanded.

"I said cum, for fuck's sakes." He repeated

"Oh fuck!" Amber moaned as she felt herself cum. She hadn't even noticed that he'd loosened his grip on her neck to grip her hips tighter as he fucked her from behind. She let herself lose the last vestiges of explode around his dick, months of sexual frustration coming to a boil and bubbling over in a flash. She did her best to grip the counter top as she felt her legs get weak and toes curl. She whimpered in release. Bill, who must have been holding onto his own climax, stopped holding back. He thrust a few more times before filling Amber with a heavy load of sticky, hot jizz. Amber just felt her wobbly knees try to hold her up as Bill came to a stop, slumping on her slightly. Amber's head kept trying to wrap around what had just happened to her but her mind she was still dumbstruck. She felt little bursts, almost little echoes of her orgasm, keep rippling through her getting fainter and fainter until they were gone.

Only then did she look back. She'd hoped to see something else, like she'd imagined the situation and the guy on the other end of that fucking had been one of the cute, slim, good looking boys she dated. Nope, there was her "Uncle". A man in his mid 50's, near bald and with something of a gut. He was slumped on top of her, his dick buried inside. She couldn't speak. Couldn't move. She only felt it when he pulled his cock from her.

"Christ I needed that all day." Bill chuckled. Amber just kept breathing as if she were in shock. "But don't fucking do that if we're out with Anne again."

Amber just nodded. She hadn't done anything. She never would do anything like that. She'd just received a fucking of several lifetimes that had been meant for Jasmine. There were no words she had for the circumstance. Revealing her identity now seemed pointless. She felt her panties being pulled back into place and an open handed slap hit her ass.

"I don't know when we can do this again." Bill said as he tucked his cock back inside his boxers. "But I'll try to make some time."

Amber nodded of all things, idly hoping that this might actually happen again. She remained resting against the counter-top, bent over at the waist. as she heard Bill leave the kitchen and then the door slam behind him as he went outside. Amber eventually regained composure and leaned over to cup her hand under the still running tap. She filled it and brought it to her lips. Her throat even dryer and more raw than it'd been when she had came in. She sipped the cool water down, feeling like she'd just crawled through a desert to drink from an oasis. She ran her hand under again for more water and then a third time. One final time she just let the water fill her hand before she held the moist, cool hand to her burning cheek. Her brain was only starting to process what had happened. She felt a little queasy at what she'd just done and who she'd done it with but she had to admit to herself that it had been phenomenal. She stood up on her weakened knees and made her way to the door, gently unlatching the lock and closing the door softly behind her. She made the uneasy walk back to Cabin #4 and opened it up. Rather than lie in her own bed she sat down on the pink bed belonging to her sister, next to Jasmine's sleeping form and began nudging at her sister. Gently at first but, when that failed to wake her, nudging a little harder.

"Jeez, what?" Jasmine groaned, clearly in some distress

"Wake the fuck up." Amber nudged again

"Ok, ok, I'm up." Jasmine moaned into her pillow. "What's going on?"

Amber stared down at the virtual copy of herself.

"How about you tell me?"

To Be Continued...