The New Girl by SweetestThing

Amanda Kelly held on for dear life as the black Mercedes whipped through the winding highway. Had he always driven so fast? She didn't remember. It'd been a long time since she'd been in the same car as her father.

Her parents had gotten divorced when she was 8 and her father had moved across the country and, in the 12 years since, he'd been absent in her life. Oh he'd provided for her and all, he'd moved in order to oversee his companies entire west coast operation and had done very well, but her actual interactions with him had been very limited. He'd visited about twice a year, usually for a day or two, and those times together were usually limited to a dinner or lunch, then shopping and maybe a show. He seemed to overcompensate for his absence with his money. He'd never gone to a track meet of hers but, on the day she'd won regionals, he'd sent her very own platinum card. A last minute business overseas business trip had meant his only presence at her 16th birthday was the little red Lexus she'd woken up to find in her driveway. When she'd gotten accepted at Penn he'd sent a nice little congratulatory note saying that he'd take car of the tuition.

So a good father? Amanda didn't know. She didn't think about it much. Her mother had remarried when she was 13. For all intents and purposes, she'd grown up in a two parent household. She had friends and half-siblings and love and support. Richard Kelly was just the name on her credit card, the reason she had cooler things than her friends.

Which is why this drive was, though pleasant, awkward. It had begun with a phone call. Amanda's mother had suggested that, since she was looking for a summer job after her sophomore year, she should call up her father and see if he could arrange something. She remembered the way he sounded during the conversation. Imposed upon and bothered.

"I don't know of anything near you Amanda" He'd said, sounding very much like he hadn't even stopped working to take the call "Unless..."

The only thing he'd been able to suggest was that his assistant had quit recently. If she was interested in coming west for the Summer, she could fill in for a few months. Amanda had agreed readily. The idea of staying with her father less of a draw than finally getting to see California.

As the car tore zoomed down the road at near double the speed limit Amanda reflected on all the things she didn't know about her father. She looked over at him. He was nearing 50 but the only thing that separated him now from all of her memories of him was some greying hair around the temples and a few lines on the face. It seemed as though every time she'd seen him he looked exactly the same. A dark, ridiculously expensive suit, A crisp french cuffed shirt, leather shoes. Platinum cuff links and tie clip. Whether he took her to the zoo or to a ball game, he always looked ready in the event that a board meeting would spontaneously break out. So it was certainly no surprise that he looked more or less the same on her first day working for him.

Amanda realized, as she checked herself in the mirror, that she'd picked some of that up from him. He hadn't had to tell her how to dress for work, she'd known to dress correctly. Black pumps, dark skirt, crisp white shirt. Small diamond studs in her ears, a string of pearls around her neck. All of which complimented her physical attributes flawlessly. Amanda had grown tall, nearly six foot, and had gotten her mother's long, golden hair, high cheek bones and dazzling blue eyes. She'd grown curves to die for as well. Breasts that would have looked disproportionately large on a shorter girl simply seemed to fit on her, a slender waist with full hips and long, lean legs were leftovers from her athletic days. She'd received the occasional offer to model over the years but they'd always been laughed off. She looked every bit the kind of educated, beautiful young woman that a man in her Father's position would hire in order to impress the people who stepped into his office.

"You know, you still can get a place closer to the beach if you want." Her father said idly, showing very little by way of concern or even interest at the speed he was driving. "I'm sure I even can find someone subletting if you want."

"Hah, am I already cramping your style Dad?" She teased back. Still she wondered. Her father hadn't married, never seemed to talk about having a serious girlfriend. As roomy as her father's place might be it was still the two of them in a penthouse together.

"Just thought you might want it is all." Richard did not seem to be interested in teasing back, he simply kept staring at the road ahead "You know you're more than welcome to stay with me."

"Well, I'd thought about it. But mom had talked so much about this summer being a chance to live with you I think she'd spazz if she heard I'd passed it up. You know how she can be."

This did get a response from Richard. He chuckled in a manner that implied no real humour, just an acknowledgement of the understatement.

"Well, if you change your mind let me know." He said "You'll have plenty of time on your own, thought you might want a place to bring friends or guys back."

This struck a chord with Amanda. She'd only broken up with Tim a week before she'd flown out. Her father wasn't being insensitive, he had no idea who Tim was. They'd dated for almost a year and her Father had never met him or heard about him. It was, Amanda thought, an interesting contrast in parenting. Her mother hounded her constantly about the boys in her life and had done so since high school. Her father, it seemed, seemed fine with the idea of her bringing back random guys from a bar and fucking them. He even seemed to encourage her distance so he wouldn't know anything about it.

"Nope. No boys for me." Amanda said, blowing air out of her mouth before trying to change the subject "Besides, who'll have time for it? I know you work until 8 or 9 most nights and I have to assume I'll be there with you."

"Mmmmm, it looks like a bit of a slow couple of months ahead." Her father shrugged "Besides, I'm planning on taking it a little easier on you than I do my other employees. I want you to enjoy yourself while you're out here. Hit the beach, see the sights."

"Sounds good to me Dad."

"And about that" Richard continued "I think it's probably a good idea that you stick to Mr. Kelly or Richard when we're at work."

"Awww, really?" Amanda said with mock pout.

"I think so. Like I said, I'm going to take it easier on you than most and you may not want some of the personal blowback from people thinking you're getting off light because I'm your father."

"But they won't know anyway?" She asked, thinking he must have forgotten the obvious

"I haven't told anyone we're related and you'll show up in the computer with your mother's last name." Richard responded calmly. Clearly he was not someone who overlooked details.

"Fair enough. Amanda Kelly is no more." She said in a mock serious tone "From now on, I am Mandy Whitman."

"Glad to see you're with the program, Ms. Whitman" His voice also letting a little playfulness seep in.

"Discretion is the better part of valor, right?"

"Good to see I'm paying that school fifty thousand dollars a year so you can get Henry the Fourth backwards." Richard said as he shook his head in mock(at least Amanda thought it was) disappointment.

The rest of the drive was completed quickly and relatively quietly. The two pulled into the large office building at exactly quarter past eight and they made their way up to the top floor together. Amanda was shown to the outer office outside the one that had her Father's name on the door. Her work area was elegant but minimalist. Matte black wood desk and sleek, matching computer. His own office, which she was given a brief look at, looked like a place where 19th century hunters might have shared a glass of brandy and a cigar as they regaled each other with tales of their latest kill. She noted, without much surprise, that there wasn't any pictures of her to be seen.

"Now, I like to start my day with a coffee, the LA and NY Times and the Journal" He said as he sat in the large leather chair behind the giant mahogany desk. "If you and I get here at the same time that should be 10 minutes from when we get in."

"Uh huh, what kind of coffee?" Amanda had her blackberry in her hand, years of texting enabling her to type his directions into it as quickly as he spoke.

"Coffee. Black. Hot. In a mug." Richard said. There was nothing mean in his directions, he clearly just wanted to say things once and have them stick. "Then I take meetings and calls until noon. That's lunch for both of us. You should get back at 1, I'll be back between 1:30 and 2"

Amanda raised her eyebrow inquisitively. Richard caught the gesture.

"Perks of being the boss" Richard replied "From 2-6 more of the same. Take calls, messages. If I need a file you email it on in. If I take a meeting you get them coffee. If I'm out of the office, shoot, download music or something. Simple stuff for an Ivy Leaguer. Even one whose Shakespeare is rusty."

Amanda gave him a smile. Richard winked. She turned to head back into reception and get the things he'd asked for.


The day really did go more or less as he'd said. She linked through a conference call at quarter to nine and then sat at her desk quietly. She surfed the web. Every now and then the phone would ring and she'd write down the message. Every so often her blackberry would beep and she'd email a file to him. It was, Amanda reflected, a pretty easy gig so far. She'd occasionally hear some yelling from his office but when he'd stick his head out every now and then to ask how she was doing he'd be perfectly calm and collected.

The hours passed fairly easily until, at a quarter to noon, her father emerged from his office. Still immaculate looking, still looking as though he'd just put his suit on.

"How'd things go Ms. Whitman?" He asked, though the joke had clearly lost it's initial humour in his mind. That was just how he'd refer to her at work.

"No problems, Mr. Kelly." Amanda smiled back

"Good to hear it." He said as he pulled his cuff back slightly, letting his Rolex peek out slightly "I'll be at Morton's for lunch if anyone needs me."

Amanda nodded as she walked him watch out. It was impressive. As tall as she was there were very few people who made her feel small. Her father, at least six and a half feet tall, was one of them. She returned to the game of solitaire she was intently playing while idly wondering if she should have asked him where she should eat.

Her thoughts were interrupted by three women spilling into her office. They practically seemed identical. All three were thin, pretty and well dressed.

"I told you he had a new girl." The tallest of the three said, looking at Amanda. She was brunette and was flashing a friendly, welcoming smile.

"He certainly has a type, doesn't he?" This was a blonde, dressed slightly more provocatively than the other two. A shorter skirt, a more open blouse.

"Be nice." Rebuked the first one again before finally addressing Amanda. "You're his new girl, right?"

"I am indeed" Amanda nodded, extending her hand. It was taken and shaken by the Brunette.

"Well, I'm Constance." The brunette kept speaking "And these two are Tyra and Julie."

Amanda smiled at the blonde, Tyra aparrently, and the shorter, hispanic looking Julie.

"I'm A-" Amanda started to introduce herself before remembering her secret identity "Mandy Whitman."

"Well, uh, Mandy Whitman" Constance joked, thinking Amanda's slip up had been a pause "We thought we'd be the nicest girls people and take you to lunch on your first day."

"Really?" Amanda smiled, this job was getting better all the time.

"Really, really" Constance continued "Left on your own you'd stumble into one of the dozen steak houses in the 'hood"

"Get hit on by about 30 former frat boy junior brokers, none of whom are making more than we are, and have to choose between one pound of red meat and two pounds of red meat" Tyra shook her head

"No way to live." Julie chipped in

"So come on." Constance motioned to the door "We'll give you the real dirt on this place."

Amanda nodded in agreement, grabbed her purse and the four of them headed for the door. It was a short drive in Constance's Range Rover to a very chic looking sushi bar. The four got out and were shown to a table immediately. There wasn't a male eye in the packed restaurant not locked onto one of them as they made their way. The four took their seats and ordered.

"So, Mr. Kelly; what do you think?" Constance asked, taking a sip of tea. Amanda brushed a stray strand of hair out of her face and thought for a second. How would someone who wasn't his daughter answer. She didn't have time to come up with anything.

"Oh my god. You didn't already, did you?" Julie giggled

"Slut." Tyra said with little venom "On your first day."

"Oh shut up, you jealous bitch." Constance rebuked before turning back to Amanda "You didn't, did you?"

"Did I what?" Amanda asked defensively

"Fuck him, duh." Tyra chuckled

"No!" Amanda practically yelped. "He's my....boss. Why would I sleep with him?

"Why wouldn't you?" Julie asked, her mind clearly somewhere else

"Well, let's see" Tyra began to count on her fingers in response to Amanda's question "He's rich, he's gorgeous, he's powerful, he's hung like an rhinoceros..."

Amanda just stared in shock. She was not prepared to hear graphic sexual details about her own father but couldn't think of a reason to object without, well, saying he was her father. Tyra just continued . "...He can fuck all night and he's unattached. So all in all a pretty good bunch of reasons."

"No, I mean, I didn't...." Amanda felt herself blush. Still, she pressed the conversation. Tyra seemed to speak with first hand knowledge of it and she couldn't help but be curious. "Did you...?"

Tyra just nodded and took a sip herself.

"Yup. Julie did too." she said nonchalantly. Amanda looked at Julie who simply gave a cheerful shrug of her shoulders.

"Did you?" Amanda turned to the laughing Constance who held up her hands in innocence.

"Not me. I'm gay and attached." Constance said with a smile. "Although one or two more Mimosas at last year's Christmas party and I might have had to start questioning things. These two certainly recommend it enough."

Amanda was stunned. She wasn't a prude. She'd had sex. But the way these girls were talking about her father, she couldn't even put a finger on how it made her feel. Happy? Relieved? Embarrassed? A little bit of jealousy that she decided to leave unexplored for the moment? Amanda just tried to laugh along with the other women as they kept talking. Julie began fanning her face with her hand.

"God, we need to stop talking about this. Get me any more worked up and I'm going to make Constance's year and let her eat me in the bathroom."

"Please." Constance rolled her eyes before turning to Tyra "I know I've skipped a few trips to the gym this month but has it really gotten so bad that Julie would think she had a shot?"

"Ignore those idiots," Tyra said conspiratorially as she leaned in towards Amanda "He really didn't make a pass? I know for sure that he's gotten a girl or two on their first week."

"Didn't come up." Amanda shook her head. Enjoying the role of the new sexy girl in the office.

"Weird. You're just his type." Julie smiled

"He has a type?" Amanda inquired. Constance nodded.

"Young, blonde, hot...."

"Stop, really, I'll be blushing soon." Tyra interrupted

"Long legs, big boobs." Constance continued, ignoring the interruption "So, you know, very strange in his desires."

"Did you date him first? Or you?" Amanda asked Tyra before turning to Julie. She was getting caught up in the gossip. It barely occurred to her that they were still talking about her father. Her question just made both girls laugh.

"Mr. Kelly isn't, from what I gathered, the dating sort." Constance explained

"Definitely not" Julie continued "But he calls every now and then and lets you know if he's got some free time."

"I ever tell you girls the time when he gave me a call while I was on a date?" Tyra asked her two friends

"What'd you do?" It was Amanda who seemed the most interested and asked the question.

"Pretended it was my mother calling to tell me she was in the hospital, got the hell out of there and then ran two red lights on my way over" Tyra answered with a shrug

"Wow." Julie shook her head "You've officially been crowned the world's biggest whore."

"Oh no." Tyra said in mock surprise "Did the committee even give you a reason as to why they replaced you? Did those photos get out of you not sucking a guy's dick?"

The interplay died down a little when their food was brought and the conversation was mildly less sexual while they ate. Amanda mainly picked at her food. She couldn't deny how strange she felt after hearing all of that. Still, she enjoyed being Mandy Whitman for the day. Gossiping with her co-workers. The subject of her father only came up once more, at the end of the lunch, while Tyra and Amanda were leaving the restaurant together.

"Don't be worried, by the way, about him." Tyra said, her voice a little sweeter and less harsh than it had been through the meal.

"Hmmm?" Amanda had actually forgotten the subject matter for a second.

"About Mr. Kelly. He doesn't, like, sleaze all over you or anything. He just, you know, makes it known he's interested. Hell, I was the one who actually brought it up with him."

"Good to know." Amanda nodded, her thoughts coming back to her confusing feelings about what she'd been told about her father.

"All I'm saying though is that if you do get to the front of the line? Get on the ride. So worth the tickets." Tyra smiled with a wink


That lunch had forever changed Amanda. Starting from when she'd gotten back to the office and when her father strolled in a while later she found herself looking at him completely differently. Just how good looking he was. Just how appealing it was that he dressed the way he did. She'd find herself even letting her eyes gaze to his crotch, see if she could get a hint as to what the other girls had spoken so glowingly of.

She kept having her lunches with Constance and the others. She was Mandy Whitman then. She wasn't Mr. Kelly's daughter, she could look at him the way they did. She could imagine his lips on her and his hands on hers. It got to be just a permanent itch that she couldn't scratch. Whenever she'd be lying awake in her bed and her hands would creep between her legs she'd think about the things her new friends had told her, think about her father fucking them and would bring herself off again and again. Then, one night Amanda's fantasy became her father fucking her and the thrashing, moaning orgasm she brought herself to had been greater than any of her others, partner or no. After that one night it became a constant. She tried to think about other guys, tried watching the occasional porn. Didn't help. She realized she'd even gravitate towards porn with older guys and younger blonde girls. She didn't know what it was. She tried telling herself it was just how desirable he was but she knew it was more than that. She knew that just the idea of being with her father in that way was as much a turn on as anything the girls had said to her.

One day, Amanda had come back from lunch and had seen a busty, 40ish red-haired woman leaving her father's office. She recognized the woman as someone from HR or Legal or some other department. She was straightening her skirt and adjusting her top and Amanda just knew, knew, that her father had just fucked her. The woman gave Amanda a shameful little smile as she walked past and that sealed it for her. She'd seen the walk of shame before. Heck, done it before. Amanda didn't even realize it until after the woman had left but she'd gripped her blackberry so hard her knuckles were white with jealousy. There was no getting around it or trying to hide it as something else, Amanda wanted to have sex with him.

She found herself even giving off hints of it. Her blouses became a little tighter with a little more cleavage being shown. Her skirts got shorter. Her heels got higher. She got noticed a lot by the other men in the building but her father gave her no sign that he noticed. Each time she thought that she'd gotten his attention only to realize she hadn't she went through initial relief, she didn't know if she could go through with it after all, but then right back to thinking and wishing and planning ways to catch his attention again.

It was one of those thoughts, after she'd suggestively asked him if there was anything she could get for him and twirled on her hair slightly only to have him say no and go back to work, that was going through her mind on a grey Friday morning when her intercom went off.

"Ms. Whitman, can you come in here?" It was her father's voice. Even the sound of it now resonated sexually with her. A deep, confident rumble. She bolted up from her desk and practically raced to his door.

"Come on in and close the door." Richard gestured to the small couch in the corner of his office "Have a seat."

Amanda did as told and took her seat. Richard got up and stood in front of her. He looked her up and down and Amanda blushed. She'd been especially blatant today. The lace of her bra was visible to anyone who looked and her skirt barely went past her mid thigh.

"Amanda, is there something I should know about?" He asked her. Amanda didn't know what answer to choose from of the hundreds that popped through her head so she settled on feigned innocence.

"What do you mean?"

"Like, are you seeing a guy in the office? Something like that?" His grey eyes locked onto hers as he pressed the issue. Amanda never felt smaller than she did now, looking up at her tall father.

"No." She answered truthfully, emphatically. Richard believed her.

"Huh." He said, stroking his chin before taking his seat on the couch beside her. "So it's me, then."

Those words hit Amanda like a train. He knew. She didn't even bother to deny it. She simply looked down at the floor. She wasn't surprised. If he was the stud she'd heard he could probably recognize the signs of interest and she'd been giving them all off. For weeks. His assertion and her lack of denial hung in the air for a few awkward seconds of silence. It was Richard who broke it.

"So what do you want to do about it?" He asked. His voice contained no judgment, only curiousity. Amanda looked back up to him, trying to read his face. It remained as rigid as ever.

"What do you mean?" She almost whispered. Her mouth was dry. Her heart was pounding.

"I mean," Richard said slowly "Is this an urge you want to fight or is it one you want to give in to?"

"Is it, I mean, would you?" Amanda sputtered out

"Answer the question." Richard simply stated again "Are you getting on a plane back to Pennsylvania or am I going to give you the fucking of a lifetime here on this couch."

Amanda couldn't believe it. He made it sound as if he'd be amenable to the idea. Of fucking his own daughter.

"I'm, I mean, we're, you're my father."

"Which I'm guessing is actually a positive for you and, for me, is workable." Richard kept saying as he moved closer to her on the couch. She didn't move away. "But if it dispenses with your last thoughts of propriety you're free to think of yourself as Mandy Whitman. Now answer the question."

Amanda looked at him. She realized she was breathing hard, her chest heaving. One hand was digging into the couch and the other was on his knee. She knew her answer.

"The second one."

Not a second passed after her answer before he'd been on her. He pushed her back against the couch, his lips finding hers, his teeth on her bottom lip, his tongue finding it's way into her mouth. Amanda was far from passive in this. She kissed back as good as she got, she put her hand in his hair and pulled him closer, she spread her legs so he could be on top of her. Neither of them thought about their familial relation. Amanda was heat she was feeling from within, Richard was thinking with the massive bulge that was pressing against his daughter's thigh.

Grabbing her firmly, Richard rolled them both so he was sitting with his back to the couch and Amanda was straddling him. He broke his kiss from her mouth and kissed down her cheek to her ear, biting and pulling at her earlobe. Amanda moaned as she felt his teeth sink into her, sting her just a little. She began fumbling with the buttons of her own shirt. She wanted, needed to be naked for him. Her hands were shaking though and Richard, who was now kissing his way down her neck, took charge of the matter. He grabbed the shirt at the neck and ripped downward, popping her buttons off and tearing it open. Her huge, firm breasts displayed appealingly to him in a lacy red bra.

Amanda threw her head back and moaned. She felt, not saw, him begin to kiss the tops of her breasts. She felt, not saw, it when he yanked each cup down, allowing each bountiful tit spill free. His huge, strong hand cupping one and squeezing firmly as he licked his way down to one of her hard, small pink nipples. Encircling it before sucking it into his mouth. He sucked hard, bit a little, tried to suck the entire globe into his warm mouth. He did this with one, then the other. Amanda's hands encouraged him, held his mouth to her breasts. Amanda herself tried her best to grind herself against the straining, bulging cock that she was almost sitting on. She was so wet she could feel the trail of where she'd been on his pants.

"Suck me, Baby girl." Her father whispered in one of the few moments where he wasn't ravishing her breasts and Amanda just looked at him and nodded. She scooted down between his legs as he undid his belt and in one swift motion, pulled his pants down.

"Daddy...." she didn't have any other words once she finally got a look at what she'd been grinding on. Tyra had said he was hung like a rhinoceros. Amanda wondered if lady rhinoceroses got this lucky. It was long sure, with a huge head that was already leaking with pre-cum, but it was the thickness of it. It was like two beer cans stacked on top of another. When Amanda gripped it in her hand her fingers wouldn't close around it. Richard moaned when she did though. Amanda leaned forward and let her delicate tongue run all over the head of the massive prick in front of her. She did her best to encircle the whole thing, she tasted that pre-cum. She ran her tongue down the underside of his shaft to it's very root. There she found a pair of equally impressively sized testicles. Those also got a dedicated licking. She rolled one ball around on her tongue and then the other. Sucked one into her mouth and then the other. All the while her fist kept beating up and down his cock, the saliva she'd left on her tasting being rubbed into the rigid flesh.

Richard's hand on her head and slight tugging of her mouth from her balls communicated his desires effectively. Amanda went back to licking the head before popping it into her mouth. She strained to fit it inside but managed admirably. Richard groaned again and pushed her head slightly down. Amanda sucked hard as she took his length into her mouth. her delicate blonde curls resting on his stomach. She sucked hard, enthusiastically, her hand jacking on his cock almost as if she were trying to trying to coax his cum into her mouth. It didn't work. She must have sucked for five minutes but nothing was forthcoming. She looked up at him as she pulled her mouth from him, she hadn't wanted to but her jaw was beginning to ache. Richard took her hand in his and pulled her up to her feet. Amanda stepped out of her now soaked red panties, letting them fall to the floor and pulled her skirt slightly up as she straddled her father again. She held his cock against the entrance to her cunt and let herself sink down.

"Oh my god." She breathily let out as she felt his cock push into her, stretching her around his girth. She was so wet, so ready that even a tool of it's immense size was able to push inside her with ease. Richard looked up at her. She was quite a sight. Her beautiful body wearing nothing more than a skirt bunched up around her hips and her beautiful face lost in delight. She began lifting herself off of him, slowly at first, lifting herself all the way to the point where just his head was inside her. Then she pushed back down. Taking more. Impaling herself on his dick. No words escaped her lips, she was too focused, to lost in the sensation of the invading cock bringing her immeasurable sensations. It felt like it was touching every nerve ending inside her body.Soon she was rolling and rocking her hips harder, faster, bouncing on nearly the entire length of Richard's cock. His hands were on her hips, gently but firmly lifting her when she rose and pulling her down when she dropped.

"That's it baby, ride me. Ride my dick."

"Yes, yes, oh fuck, yes Daddy." Amanda grunted in exertion as she kept up her frantic pace, shucking her pussy up and down his now slick cock. His mouth went back to licking and sucking at her breasts. The added sensation took her over the edge. She felt herself contract and clamp down on him, she felt herself release, gushing on his cock. She didn't even manage a recognizable sound. She squealed, she squeaked, she sighed. She was just lost in the orgasm that was being torn from her body.

"That's right, cum. Cum on daddy's cock." Richard's words betrayed his own nearing climax. His fingers were digging into her hips now, slamming her roughly up and down on him as he used her body to jack off his cock. He fucked her all the way through her orgasm and, just as it was beginning to subside, she felt another explode, this time she did scream. This time, hers was met with his, as he released a massive load of jizz deep inside her.

"Yes daddy, cum in me, yes...."

That's what he did. He kept fucking her, even as his dick was blasting at her insides with rope after rope of his hot seed. Each thrust seemed to force some of it from her stuffed cunt, running down her thigh. The two didn't stop, they gradually slowed, until finally Amanda was simply moving slightly, feeling the softening cock inside her.


Amanda was in the kitchen of the luxurious penthouse. Her hair was tied behind her head. She looked tired but, unmistakably, happy. Her pearly white grin from ear to ear. She was wearing one of her father's immaculate, expensive, french cuffed shirts and nothing else. They'd gone straight from the office to their place. They had only barely stopped fucking to get dressed and get down to the garage. Amanda blew him on the ride home. He felt her up in the elevator up to the condo. Once inside they retired to the bedroom and hadn't come out for nearly two days. They simply fucked each other into exhaustion, collapsed in exhaustion, then woke up and did it again. Only now was she standing over the stove, a spatula in her hand. Amanda put a hand up to her mouth. She'd felt something wet and assumed it had been a stray drop of pancake batter. It wasn't. It was a trickle of cum, she pushed it back into her mouth with her pinky finger as she flipped one of the pancakes. As she did, she felt a familiar pair of hands on her ass, squeezing hard.

"Again?" She laughed as she felt her father bite at her earlobe again "You're the one who said you wanted breakfast."

"Still do." Richard said earnestly "Just haven't quite decided what I wanted for breakfast yet."

Amanda moved from the stove. She felt her father lifting the shirt up over her butt and knew what was coming. She bent over the adjacent counter as reached across to turn the stove off.

"So, Ms. Whitman, how do you think it's been going so far?" Richard said playfully as he pushed his fingers inside of her

"Kelly, Daddy. Amanda Kelly." Was her only reply as she spread her legs invitingly.