Just Desserts by SweetestThing

It was the monthly staff meeting. It was Jack Stevens' last monthly staff meeting. He was being forced to retire and he was not especially happy about it. He'd worked at Fisher and Cooper Engineering for 37 years. He'd done some of the important work to get the firm off the ground but still hadn't risen past a cubicle. There was a reason though and it certainly wasn't incompetence or a lack of drive.He'd been one of Mike Cooper's first hires back in '73. Jack had been fresh out of school and the firm was brand new. Cooper and Fisher were only a couple years older than he'd been. His first few projects had gone well, they'd gotten a reputation as a young, fresh firm. The money started piling up. Eventually Jack started to think a partnership was in his future and broached the subject with the founders at dinner. They disagreed strongly. Angry words were exchanged. Jack, defeated, had spent the rest of that night getting plastered. He'd driven home. It was a rainy night and both the weather and the whiskey had contributed to some very erratic driving. He didn't even see the car he slammed into. Nobody had been killed but it was a bad enough crash and one of the passengers in the other car had been hurt badly enough that they'd charged him with a felony DUI. He avoided jail time but still had a conviction on his record.

When things had settled down and Jack had tried to leave the firm he found it pretty hard to find work elsewhere with that felony on his record. Family responsibilities made moving cities not an option and so he found himself with very little opportunities for employment elsewhere. He'd hoped to rise within the company but that had proved fruitless. Mike Cooper still held a grudge from their disagreement and blocked Jack's advancement at every turn. They'd kept him employed because he was good at his job but he watched as younger man after younger man was promoted above him. Even when the noise about his crime died down he found it impossible to find work elsewhere. Some companies were suspicious of a man his age who hadn't risen past where he had and he knew Mike Cooper had sabotaged a few interviews he'd gotten elsewhere. He became a mess. Jack drank his way through two marriages before cleaning up a few years back.

Now he was just running out the clock. A small pension, a cramped bungalow and his rickety old Ford the only things that were on the other side of the tunnel. These days he mainly showed up, goofed off on the computer and all but slept through the monthly project meetings. This one, his last, was different. They had a new department head. He was intently focused on her and had been since she was introduced by the vice-president of the company. Her name was Sophia Cooper

"Thank you for the kind words, Philip." Sophia said, thinking nothing of addressing an executive who was technically quite a few rungs above her on the ladder by his first name. She didn't need to show respect or deference. She was the senior partner's grand-daughter and it was understood by all that this assignment was a temporary one. To learn the ground floor of her family's business before moving upstairs rapidly. It was understood by all that it was probably a few years before the VP who'd introduced her would be her subordinate.

"To continue, I may be new here but rest assured I'm completely qualified and looking forward to...."

Jack had expected to dislike her from the moment that he'd read about her joining the company in the previous month's newsletter. She'd gone from an exclusive Swiss boarding school to Stanford to Harvard business school straight into her current position. She was only 24 and was the youngest person in the room by at least a dozen years. What Jack hadn't expected was for her to be so attractive.

Sophia somehow was equal parts beautiful and cute, to the point that each aspect of her appearance enhanced the other. She had long, dark red hair, sparkling green eyes and a soft, rounded face that made her look a few years younger than she was. Her skin was fair and smooth, her lips an appealing shape of pinkish-red. Her clothes were fashionable and expensive, suited for the office but still appealingly feminine. A white blouse that was just open enough to give a hint of the cleavage formed by the meeting of her full, firm breasts. A black skirt that was long enough to be decent while still short enough to reveal the attractive shape and form of her legs which were enhanced further by the black pumps she was wearing.

"Mr. Stevens? An update on the project?" Sophia's words brought Jack's attention from admiring her form crashing back to the present. He'd been caught lingering in a glance and had completely missed the question.

"Right on schedule, I'll put some numbers on your desk before the end of the day" Jack stuttered out. It was his standard, stock answer to a question he hadn't heard. It usually did the trick.

"Before lunch would be better." Sophia's tone was strict and firm "And an e-mail will do fine."

Whether Sophia had meant her last few words as a joke regarding Jack's advanced years or not it did draw a chuckle from the rest of the assembled employees. Sensing a strong note to go out on Sophia quickly wrapped up the meeting to some light applause. Jack, like the rest of the assembled team, gathered up his things and began to make his way to the door.

"Mr. Stevens if you could stay behind for a quick word or two?" Sophia asked, her tone softened somewhat from the more formal way she'd spoken during the meeting. Still, this request was met by some gentle mocking from the other employees.

"You're going to get it now, Jack"

"That'll teach you to sleep in class"

Jack slumped his shoulders and remained where he was. He was a tall man, a good foot taller than Sophia, and his extra years had only added a few out of place pounds on his frame. He still had a good head of grey hair and brown eyes. He was a relatively good looking man, square jawed and strong features, although the years of hard living had taken some toll. Sophia waited until the last of the stragglers had left before she closed the door to the conference room, leaving her alone with him. She turned back to him and gave him a smile that tried to impart a bit of impatience, a bit of disappointment but still some understanding. Jack simply looked hard at the young woman in front of him.

"Mr. Stevens, Jack" She started, "The last month, isn't it?"

"That's what they tell me upstairs." Jack's reply was not able to hide the underlying bitterness well

"Well, let's try to keep in mind that your last month of work is still a month of work." Sophia said, folding her arms across her chest "And that you still need a productive member of the team in your last few days."

"Will do, boss" Jack practically spit the word. Boss. He was talking to some tart of a girl who was almost young enough to be his own grand-daughter. Not that he had any that he knew of. He turned towards the door and reached out for the handle opening the door slightly. Her voice stopped him again.

"Um, not done just yet, Mr. Stevens" Sophia said, clearly annoyed. Jack stopped in his tracks and closed the door. He stood still for a moment, his head resting on the door for just a split second. He turned and looked at her, her hands now on her hips, looking every bit the annoyed teacher dealing with a slow child. Something inside him, looking at those sparkling green eyes of hers, just snapped. A disappointing career's worth of frustration finally breaking the camel's back, everything he'd missed out on reflected in his new boss.

"You know, miss, I think I've heard about enough from you" Jack said, taking a menacing step towards Sophia. She backed up slightly.

"Listen..." she started but was quickly cut off.

"No, you listen." Jack said, taking another step, now towering above her, looking down at her with burning, rage-filled eyes "If you were anyone else I'd ask you who you blew to get this job but I'm guessing even Mike Cooper isn't quite that low. Secretaries, sure. Barry Fisher's wife for a few years in the 80's, alright. Heck, I even wouldn't put buggering a couple of the better looking guys in the mailroom past him but something tells me even he isn't quite enough of a scumbag to make you wrap your pretty little lips around his cock to get here."

"D-don't talk about him that way" Sophia weakly stuttered out. She was worried. She knew some workers would react badly in their last days or weeks with a company but she'd never expected this kind of intimidation. She tried looking past him to see if she could make it to the door but he was directly between him and it.

"So instead I'm just going to have to guess that you're just here because of who you are." Jack continued "I'm guessing your grandfather probably thought it would be funny for my last month here to be nothing but me taking shit from yet another generation of his useless offspring."

Jack shot a hand out and grabbed Sophia's arm, squeezing tightly

"But understand, I'm done taking shit here, bitch" Jack almost yanked her up by her arm so she was closer to his face as he spoke. He could see the fear in her eyes paralyzing her "I'm going to go out the way I want."

Without another word Jack roughly flung the petite redhead against the sturdy oak table. It was the perfect height to bend her over at the waist and, as he roughly grabbed her shirt by the collar that's exactly what he did, leaving her firm, rounded ass sticking up at him. His hand continued to pin her down as his other started tugging at her skirt.

"D-don't..." Sophia sputtered out, still dazed and winded by the rough treatment she'd received. It took her a second or two to even process what was happening. When she felt her skirt being bunched up over her hips, there was no mistaking his intentions. "Stop...."

Jack didn't listen at all. He smiled at the little lacy red panties that she was wearing for a second before taking them in his hands and yanking them to one side, cruelly exposing her pussy. Her glistening, slick lips bare before him. Her wetness didn't even register in his frenzied state, he simply unzipped his fly and reached inside his pants, pulling free all 9 inches of thick, throbbing cock. It was hard as steel in his hand as he positioned the flared, mushroom shaped head against her entrance and began pushing himself inside. She groaned at the intrusion. He was significantly larger than anyone she'd ever had and she felt him stretching her as he buried his dick almost to the hilt in one, hard brutal thrust. He just began thrusting. Hard, fast, deep thrusts of as much of his cock as he could fit inside her. He kept her pinned down against the conference table, the hard wood cold against her soft cheek and simply held her in place to fuck. There was no sign that he was even enjoying himself particularly. All that escaped Jack's lips were grunts of exertion as he pounded Sophia Cooper's cunt, hard thrusts simply meant to achieve his orgasm as quickly as he could. It didn't take long. Sophia was so hot, wet and and simply the knowledge of what he was doing, savagely fucking the grand-daughter of his old nemesis combined to make him as hard and excited as he could remember being.

"You...dirty...fucking...slut" Jack moaned, each word marking one of his final thrusts inside her. On the final one he simply drove himself into the very depths of her slick, grasping cunt and felt himself burst, his dick spurting what seemed to both of them to be an exceptionally copious amount of semen inside her. He remained deep inside her throughout his orgasm, having halted his thrusts. He remained embedded inside her for a good minute, both of them catching their breath, before withdrawing from her, wiping his dick against her skin and putting the large thing back inside his pants. He didn't say a word as he calmly composed himself and left the conference room, leaving Sophia panting, slick and feeling a trickle of his cum running down the inside of her thigh.


It took Sophia a few minutes to collect herself. She stood up, pulled her panties back up and her skirt back down. She remained dazed, hazy. Almost as if what had happened to her had been in a dream. She walked uneasily from the conference room and made her way to the elevator. She didn't know where she was going. She didn't know who she was going to tell. The doors dinged and she stepped inside. She reached out and pressed the button for the garage. She just kept replaying the event over and over in her head. She hadn't fought back. She hadn't screamed. She hadn't even offered up anything other than a weak and half-heartedly plea of protest to dissuade him from taking her. She found her way to her new silver Lexus and gotten inside. She thought to turn the car on but her keys were upstairs, in her purse, in her office. She just sat there. The same question running through her head again and again: Why had she liked it so much?

He hadn't commented on it but when he'd entered her there was no mistaking her arousal. Even know she felt it, her nipples hard and her body hot. Throughout her life she'd always been in charge. Men had been intimidated by her brains or her beauty or both. She'd been the most popular girl in school and the most sought after for dates. Her professors had been so much putty in her hands. Even the men in her family were easily wound around her finger. Nobody had ever spoken to her the way that Jack had. Not in her entire life. He'd insulted her, called her a slut, disrespected her. All of the sex she'd had in the past had been gentle, respectful. He'd simply taken her body and used it for his own enjoyment. Or her punishment. She didn't know which. She kept replaying it in her head. She felt that heat inside her again. Soon it was her hands on her skirt, hiking it up. Her fingers pulling her panties aside. She began delicately running her fingers up the length of her still slick slit. Going faster and faster as she kept the image going in her mind. Even though she'd been pressed against the table without much of a view she'd imagine what it would have looked like if someone had been watching, or from his perspective. Or if he'd wanted more and wouldn't let her leave.

Before she even realized what she doing she was plunging two fingers inside her with one hand, frigging at her clit with the other. Sophia Cooper came, silently, shaking and squirming in the front seat of her car. She sat in her car, gasping and panting, for another 10 minutes. When she felt composed, she began thinking about what had happened again. She did it again. Only after the second time did she compose herself enough to leave the car. She went back into the building. She'd go up to her office, get her keys and go home. Try to make some sense of the day's events.


Sophia paced about her office the next day. It was 8 in the morning. She'd been told that Jack Stevens tended to get in before the rest of the team and she wanted to....she didn't know. Talk to him? That sounded so pathetic. She knew what had happened. He'd fucked her without consent. So why hadn't she told someone? Why hadn't she done something? Why had her response been to finger herself twice in her car immediately afterwards and then another two times when she'd gotten home? Why did she spend 20 minutes deciding what to wear that morning, idly wondering about what Jack would think about each of her choices? She couldn't answer any of those questions. Confronting him seemed like the only thing that made any sense. What would she say? She had no idea. Every time she thought about what she'd say she would think about the incident again and those thoughts made her.....

Sophia's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door closing. The first team member of the day. Sophia stuck her head out of her office door and, sure enough, there was Jack Stevens. He entered into the bank of cubicles and found his way to his desk. Sophia just stared at him for a second, letting her thoughts linger a while longer. She shook her head clean of them again and took a few timid steps towards his desk. Every step she took seemed more determined. She was his boss. She was a strong, smart woman. She would straighten him out. Hell, she might even fire the bastard.

"Stevens, in my office, now" Sophia barked when she finally got to his desk. He sat there silently, looking almost puzzled as he heard her order. He gave her a quizzical smile and a shrug of his shoulders as he got up to follow her back to her office. She got in and took two steps inside, Jack followed and closed the door behind them.

"What is it?" Jack asked, his tone indicating a mixture of boredom and annoyance. Sophia couldn't believe what she heard.

"What is it?" She repeated incredulously "You don't know what this is going to be about?"

Just as quickly as he'd grabbed her the day before, Jack stepped forward and put both of his hands on her shoulders. There was no anger in his eyes, simply resolve. He roughly pushed her down to her knees. Sophia, again, didn't fight. She didn't struggle. She felt herself dampening in his presence. Jack took a rough fistful of her hair and yanked her head up, her emerald eyes meeting his.

"You want to bother me while I'm working?" Jack asked, some of that familiar anger coming back "Is that really what you want, bitch?"

"I-I just...."

Jack reached down to his zip, just as he had the day before, and his fully erect cock sprang out again. Getting to see it, the huge ram that had been so deliciously inside her the day before, it was even more impressive. As hard and impressive as any younger man's cock that Sophia had ever seen. Jack took it in his hand and guided the tip, wet with his precum, to the ruby red lips that Sophia dutifully opened for him. Just as yesterday, he began forcefully fucking her. Using her mouth as roughly and as selfishly as he'd used her cunt the day before. She felt her eyes water, her cheeks hollow as she sucked as well as she could through the rough face fucking. It wasn't easy. With his fist in her hair he was practically using Sophia's mouth to jerk his dick off. She sputtered and drooled, she fought for air. Still, she gave no resistance whatsoever, a moderate shift from the token resistance he'd gotten the day before.

"Is this what you wanted, whore?" Jack mocked her as he kept slamming his cock inside her mouth "This what you wanted to talk about?"

Sophia, obviously, couldn't answer. She simply looked up, locking her eyes on his. There was no doubt about what her eyes were saying. This was exactly what she wanted. Jack took the message and kept pumping, kept reveling in the hot, wet sensation of her spit covering his dick. He enjoyed himself. She got used to his length, relaxed her throat, and soon he was fucking her in long, quick strokes.

"Fuck!" Jack roared as he came, holding her hair tightly so that only the head of his meaty prick was wedged in her mouth. He wanted her to taste what he was giving her. Another impressive load spewed forth. At least four or five bursts of hot, salty jizz that Sophia swallowed all of. Sophia found herself sucking extra hard as he came, almost as if it would suck even more out from him. When Jack was spent he released his grip on her and Sophia fell back onto her hands, still looking up at him.

"You should get cleaned up." Jack said, tucking his softening cock back inside his pants "We have our morning briefings at 8:45 and you're a mess, girl."

Sophia just nodded up at him. That's what she'd do. Just after a quick trip to the bathroom.


The blowjob eliminated all pretenses. Jack wanted to have his way with Sophia, Sophia wanted to let him. He fucked her every day at work. She'd invent flimsy pretenses for him to come into her office. Or they'd go down to her car at lunch. It was the same, delicious event. Jack pounding his thick, hard cock into her tight cunt until she had delicious, spasming orgasms. Him spurting his load wherever he felt like. Inside her or on her. She found herself at home, every night, anticipating the next day at work like a child waiting for Christmas. She dressed to entice him and it always seemed to work. He always took her, hard, and was in control. Sophia had him fucking with the energy of a man half his age. He kept pushing her limits. He fucked her in the bathroom, her panties in her mouth. He fucked her while she took a conference call with the higher ups. He would call her up at home and make her drive across town just to service him. Sophia rose to every challenge.

That was particularly evident on the last Monday of his employment. Jack had told her the night before he had something special in mind and he'd lived up to it. He'd waited until everyone else had left, knowing that she was stewing and desperate for it the entire day, before taking her into her office. He'd stripped her naked, pushed her onto her desk and forced her legs up against her chest. He took his well lubricated cock and surprised the hell out of Sophia by pushing it against the tight, never fucked asshole that was opened to him. She didn't argue. She just did her best to enjoy it. It had taken some effort but soon enough he was sawing that cock in and out of her ass

"Who do you belong to?" Jack asked roughly as he thrust into her, his eyes locked on hers

"You, fuck, you own me." Sophia responded tersely, grunting with every invasion of his huge, hard prick

"And everything of yours?"

"Yours, oh god, yours."

Jack smiled. They had a lot more to discuss.


Even by corporate retirement party standards, Jack's had been fairly unimpressive. A cheap cake, tepid well-wishes from people he didn't like and a send-off speech by an executive he didn't know. Jack had smiled broadly throughout all of it. He seemed to be having the time of his life. Sophia was bored, she looked at her watch from time to time. She wanted the day to end. She wanted to go home with Jack. Sophia barely even noticed it when a large, rotund, balding man walked into the office.

"There's my little gal" bellowed the southern drawl of Mike Cooper. People murmured with surprise. The firm's president rarely left the top floor. Thoughts that he might have been here for the party were quickly dismissed when he walked right past Jack and the cake to where Sophia was. He gave her a little hug and a kiss on the cheek and looked admiringly at her.

"Hard to believe you're running things here, darlin'" he said, appreciatively, Sophia just blushed. "How are things?"

"Fine, fine..." Sophia said absently. Things were fine. She was finding the business relatively easy to deal with, distracted as she was. Jack approached the two and caught Mike Cooper's eyes. The elderly man gave him a weak smile.

"Stevens, right" the old man said, holding out his hand for a shake "Sorry to see you go I suppose."

Jack took the hand and gave it a firm shake.

"About that, Gramps" Sophia interjected "Jack has been such a help around here that I was thinking of bringing him on as a consultant."

"Really, Dear?" Cooper's face betrayed his doubts about the value of keeping Jack around. Still his tone indicated he was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

"Absolutely." Sophia quickly piped in "He definitely still has a lot to give."

She caught Jack's eye as she said this. He chuckled, she blushed.

"Well, I trust you on this one, honey." Cooper said with a shrug of his shoulders "I'm going to be leaving here myself pretty soon and you'll be running the place. Might as well sink or swim on your own here."

Sophia grinned, ear to ear.

"What were you thinking, Soph? 10 or so days a month?" the old man asked his grand-daughter.

"Or more." Her reply was enthusiastic and eager. Her grand-father completely unaware of her meaning. He simply turned back to Jack and gave him a little elbow.

"Can you believe her? She really will be running the place soon. Company Cadillac, boxes for the Giants and Niners, the place in Aspen. All of it will be hers."

Jack just nodded.

"Yup, she'd mentioned."