July 13, 2020


Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer?

It is common opinion among the large number of people that learning somethig with a teacher is much better and effective than learning by themselves. However, I hold the opposite view.
The first thing that I should say is that only twenty percent of success at learning is teacher's work, meanwhile, eighty percent is your own work. If a student do not study and work hard, teacher will not give the good result. That words can be supported by a huge list of examples from real life. One of them is that a lot of students rely on their tutors and do nothing. As a result, they do not receive any knowledge. Another proof for the things I mentioned before is scientific evidences. Scientists' researches proved that self-education is more valid.
On the other hand, many parents and students say that learning with teachers is easier and effective. Some students just can not discipline themselves. So they need a teacher to deal with that problem. Moreover, some people noticed that teachers can explain the educational material they did not understand by their own, because self - education is not widely spreaded skill.
To draw the conclusion, I can say that everyone unique in his or her own way and people get information differently. Someone may need help and explanation of techer, but others may not. However, I prefer learning without teachers.