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Write about a book you recommend to your friends

I liked the series Ann, because the main character of this series is an orphan and shows her suffering, as she went through the period when she lived in an orphanage.

Literary Analysis

I choose a TV series as such as "Anne with an E". The author of that series is Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Emil for my friend

Hi Alikhan)

Reflection 21.02.20

In the last lesson we have seen a video about Smart goal and also we have shared our Samrt goals. So I have knew the meaning of that.

My plan to improve my English

Try to develop my vocabulary.
Try to do not use translater.
Read books in English.
I Will watch a video with English suzbtitle or only in English

There is only one leader in a group

I think you already know what I'm going to say by the title of the text. Today I asked myself what is better if there is only one leader in the team or if each person is the leader in the team. I myself believe that the leader should be the only one and not replaceable, since this is the leader of the team and the support on which the entire structure relies and all subsequent actions depend on him.
Therefore, he must be confident in himself and in his team, be demanding and smart, motivating, respect his team and the team must respect him, and most importantly, he must be able to listen to his team. Every Manager should have these and other good qualities.
Still, I want to explain why my chosen option is better than the second one. Look, each country has its own unique President, not two, three, or more presidents, but only one. Because one deliberately chosen President is better than several presidents. And of course, when it comes to solving problems, one leader will be able to formulate a team idea and at the same time add their own final thought. If there were many leaders, each of them would take the initiative, and there would be no common thought.
So once again I want to say that one good leader is better.

Reflection 20.01.20

The previous lesson was fascinating.We had knew about speaking of IELTS and we have learned many punctuations of speaking.

Reflection 15.01.20

The last lesson was really interesting. We have moved to a new level. We criticized each other. Thanks for Rizabek Agay)

Subject Olympiad

It is no secret that Subject Olympiad is most important thing in the life of the KTL's students. Olympiad has a lot of pluses. For instance, another chance to gets into top university, improve skills (like discipline, assiduity, patience, logical thinking, hard working, be punctual) and so on. Olympiad is like an another world where any students can work hard and research their subject and develop in this.

Reflection 13.01.20

Today's English lesson was very interesting. It was about Rizabek teacher's life. I felt good. I learned how to make a body part an essay and I did some practise.