Delicious Native Ad

Hello friends!

I often hear the question: "Is it worth using a Native Ad?"

The answer is simple: YES! Native Ads look organic on the site, so user engagement is much higher.

And now I propose to understand this issue step by step.

What is Native Advertising?

Native ads are a relatively new phenomenon in online advertising. Native advertising is characterized by similarity to the content of the site page, on which advertisements are placed and offered to the reader based on the content of the site.

What are the advantages of this ad?

  • First, this format is well accepted by the user. Advertising is in addition to the main information on the site, it does not irritate and does not induce the user to close the page as soon as possible and go to a new one. In most cases, they don't even realize they've just encountered an advertisement.
  • Secondly, the native adapts to all devices. You can create just one banner, and then the platform will decide in which format it will be displayed.
  • Thirdly, this is a relatively new, unbroken format in DatsPush. There is no big competition here. Get the most out of it!

What vertical is better to work with?

Native advertising works well across multiple verticals.

In my opinion, the most suitable are:

  • Nutra
  • Finance
  • Adult
  • Dating
  • Gambling

What about the most suitable payment model?

Of course, CPC (Cost per Click) is suitable for testing so that you do not waste your entire budget on tests. You can analyze your creatives, calculate the CTR of potentially profitable campaigns and work with targeting with this model.

To summarize:

If you are not familiar with this format yet or are afraid to try it, it's time to start! These ads are highly motivating due to flexible creative placement options. Launch it to the right audience with the right message and get staggering CR and ROI!