How I combined BMX and motion-design

Kriss Kyle, Garrett Reynolds, Stevie Churchill, Harry Main, familiar names ? I'm sure yes. But I found out about them recently. A few months ago I stumbled upon Kriss Kyle's video and was surprised at what he was doing. How is this possible??? Then I started watching videos of the best BMX riders and I was drawn to this topic. I don’t ride BMX myself, but I really enjoy watching the tricks these guys do.

It so happened that about a month ago, I was also interested in the topic of motion-design (motion graphics), and I thought it would be fun to combine my two new hobbies into one project, and thereby delve deeper into the topic of BMX and motion- design. I came up with the idea to make a video in which I could show the BMX movement, as a separate community, people who are united by one hobby. Moreover, I have not seen videos in motion-design style and thought it would be fun to create it.

I started creating the video by searching various communities, and people who are addicted to BMX, to find out their preferences. I asked the community why they chose BMX, and what they experience while riding, and almost everyone wrote to me that they chose BMX, because they have a sense of freedom while riding and they have great pleasure in performing various tricks. Also, many wrote that they like the cohesion of the community. This information helped me determine the direction of the future video.

Since I'm a newbie in motion-design, and generally hadn't been involved in any creative activity before, I started looking for materials for inspiration at various sites. You can see what inspired me in the image.

The next stage was the search for 3D models of objects that will be used in the video, since I myself am not able to model.

At this stage, everything looks gray, because this is only a concept, that is, I have not yet applied materials to objects, I have not placed light. I will also add small details to the video in the future. We can say that this is only the skeleton of the future video.

At this stage, I had great difficulties in animation, since I had not dealt with it before, and I am just learning. Therefore, even seemingly simple things are difficult to do, and they take a lot of time.

That's all for now, I will update the article when moving to a new stage of creating my video.

I hope you were interested to see how I decided to combine my two hobbies and what comes of it.

Thank you all for your attention and good luck!)