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Instagram Marketing : Run Contests and Use Freebies Regularly

Contests work great on Instagram. Random giveaways and long-term free promotional products work great too. From free samples at Costco to free Kindle e-books on Amazon, people love free things. So let’s give it to them. If you want to sell a lot of products or services, learn to leverage the power of free. In this article, we’ll share ideas and tips for using the power of free. If you have products, you have an opportunity to use the power of free; and if you’re a service provider with no product to offer, keep reading this article is for you, too. …

Instagram Marketing : Use Triggers of Engagement

browse around on Instagram for a few weeks, and you’ll notice an interesting trend. People like images that stir them emotionally: vacation destinations, sandy beaches, gourmet cuisine, sunsets, shoes, dresses, pretty places, and pretty faces. People aren’t responding to the technical brilliance of an image; they want to be taken on an emotional ride. To see what really strikes a chord, observe people’s comments.

In this article, we’ll dive into the concept of identifying and tapping into these deep-seated emotions and how you can weave them into your Instagram messages to call followers to action in effective ways. If you apply even a hint of these factors in the right way, then positive results will accrue from your work. …

Master Copywriting Secrets for Instagram

Although Instagram is an app for editing and sharing images and video, you still get to do a substantial amount of copywriting. That’s great news for those of us trying to promote our brands. As marketers, the challenge of combining words and images will feel very familiar to us. Display advertising is made up of these component parts. It is the skillful use of words and images woven together to tell an interesting story about your product or brand. Yes, we get to do that on Instagram.

So it begs the question: What would a genius copywriter do if he or she were crafting the written messages associated with an Instagram photo? Someone like Joe Sugarman comes to mind. Joe is the author of The Adweek Copywriting Handbook and is famous for making millions from TV ads featuring BluBlocker sunglasses. How would he use Instagram? Let’s first look at the possible writing opportunities and then review how a legendary copywriter might use them. …

Create Your Instagram Content Blueprint

the hardest question each Instagram user must answer is, What is my content-sharing strategy, and how does it deliver value to my tribe members on a daily basis? Answering that question is central to your success on the platform. In this article , we’ll give you a logical blueprint to build your own unique content that you can take action on daily.

If you want a nicely formatted PDF version of the Content Blueprint that you can print and use, visit and snag the free Instagram Power Expansion Pack PDF. The blueprint will give you a single-page overview of the entire process. The PDF will also be particularly helpful if you are going to use a team for your Instagram efforts. We’ll dive into how to do that in the next chapter. …

Mastering Instagram Hashtags

According to Instagram, over 95 million pieces of content are shared on the platform each day. How do you keep track of all that information? Hashtags have become our best hope — and Instagram uses them really well. If a librarian like old Melvil Dewey, creator of the Dewey Decimal Classification system, was around today, he’d give hashtags a thumbs-up and a happy-face emoji wink wink.

How to Start Advertising on Instagram

It’s time to add fuel to your bonfire with paid advertising. In this article , we’ll review the Instagram advertising options, look at best practices, and get you up and running like a pro. And if, by chance, you want to hand the tasks over to a pro — then we’ll cover how to work with an ad agency in future. If neither of those options seem like a good fit, we’ll discuss how to work with influencers in future.

Study Both the Timeless and the Timely, but Avoid the Outdated
When it comes to learning about advertising, you want to focus on two areas. …