Greetings, DigiU partners!

A working meeting was held on Dec. 23, 2019, in which we discussed all the benefits of
investing in the IT market, especially in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) niche.

DigiU CEO Alexey Ognev led the webinar.

We see these gatherings as opportunities for strengthening digital literacy among our users, and also as venues for communicating with our partners to help them represent the company and our position within the market.

We’ve selected key excerpts from the event for your convenience.

What is DigiU?

DigiU is an ecosystem for creating and financing projects in the AI space, working towards building a digital copy of the human persona.

DigiU is made up of:

1. The technology company, which has as its core technology and key asset the Data Management Platform (DMP).
The DMP facilitates data gathering, storage, processing, enrichment, and data cleaning. These processes form the basis for machine learning (ML). Data is the new oil, the black gold of the 21st century.

2. The venture capital fund, which brings together teams and projects in the AI space. It provides them with financing, expertise, and data from the DMP, as well as user data. Each new project represents a potential pathway to monetization and an opportunity to go to market. The projects are selected in such a way as to complement each other. They must combine to create the maximum benefit for the user, and ultimately participate in building a digital copy of the human persona. This structure has the benefit of lowering the risk to investors, since they are putting their money not into a single startup, but rather into an entire industry. As it happens, this industry is the fastest-growing and most valuable industry of all.

3. The crowdinvesting network: the pathway to financing. Our investors are co-owners of the company, while at the same time being the first loyal users of the apps and services we will be bringing on line. The community provides feedback on changes and improvements for creating the optimal product to take to market, and they have a vested interest in the products’ success. Our investors, who are also users, are simultaneously the source of the DMP’s data. In this structure, each new investor and user contributes to the market cap of the apps and services that DigiU develops or acquires.

In this way, each user and their data act as individual contributors to the company’s market cap. In general, the value of an IT product is based on the number of users and the volume of data it has.

Why are all of the top-5 most valuable companies in the world technology companies (Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Tencent, Aliexpress)? How was Instagram, with a team of five people, bought for 1 billion dollars? And WhatsApp, with only an 11-person team, sold for $19 billion?
This is how the IT market works today. On top of the fact that a major corporation purchases the team, the data, and the users, they also benefit from offering a high price. When they buy a new service for a billion dollars, they see their own market cap rise by 5 billion.

DigiU’s strategy represents a new generation of crowdinvesting.

● We are participating in the highest-value market of all - IT.
● AI is the IT segment that is experiencing the highest demand and the most rapid growth.
● The upward trend of AI technologies has been confirmed on an institutional level both by major corporations and national governments.

Our approach to developing AI-based products and services allows us to offer our partners an investment in an entire industry as a whole. This brings the level of venture capital risk to a minimum and allows us to speak with great confidence about the timeline on which our first dividends will be paid out. According to our roadmap, this will happen in 2023, but depending on the dynamics of our projects’ development we may reach this point much earlier.

The DigiU team is working around the clock, and you can keep track of the results of our efforts via your user account interface:

● We have opened our payment portal to bank cards from any point on the globe.
● Payment plans of 10-20-30 months are available for purchases of company shares.
● Gift offerings are available upon registration, and for inviting five friends.

We have handled our business in a highly professional manner so far, and thanks to your help we have reached record-setting statistics:

● Over 2000 partners from all over the world have already registered with the project
● More than 20 million shares have been sold
● The first $100,000 maximum package has been sold with payment plan

Our project launch was met with enthusiasm around the world, and we received a large number of messages from people who were not able to get our english-language informational material in time.

Therefore, we have decided to make an additional 100 million shares available at the presale price of $0.025

Here is a list of all the offers that are currently active:

● 100 million additional shares available at the presale price of $0.025 until Dec. 31, 2019.
● By purchasing any package before Dec. 31, 2019, you lock in that price for yourself for all of 2020.
● Purchase of a packet of $1000 or more, in full or with payment plan, secures six months of D3 investor status (15 levels of referral program rewards and additional 0.5% reward from your total network volume).
● Everyone who registers gets a welcome bonus of 100 DigiU, as well as gift shares to send to five friends. The number of shares in this promotion will diminish as the share price rises.
● Each purchase of a share package opens up additional gift shares to send to five more friends. This allows you to get rolling with the process of inviting new partners.

We also extend an open invitation to leaders and activists from across the globe to join us in dialog and to form a Leadership Council, as well as teams for adapting the project to various countries. We will select five leaders to join the Leadership Council from each country to help us create optimal conditions for our partners internationally.

With best wishes to all,

DigiU CEO Alexey Ognev