The Most Influential People in the Ground Support Equipment Industry

The global ground support equipment market involves the study of various GSE applications such as aircraft handling, passenger handling, and cargo handling. For instance, GSE such as deicers, ground power units, fuel trucks, pre-conditioned air (PCA) units, and hydrant trucks are especially deployed for aircraft handling. Equipment such as belt loaders/conveyors, cabin service vehicles, boarding stairs, lavatory service vehicles, and passenger buses serve the purpose of passenger handling. In addition, cargo/container loaders, pushback tractors, and forklifts are used for cargo handling application. Powered equipment consist of refuelers, ground power equipment, tugs & tractors, portable water truck, generators, baggage conveyor/belt loader, passenger buses, catering truck, passenger boarding stairs, air compressors, portable floodlights, air conditioners, container loaders, lavatory service vehicles, and de-icing vehicles. Equipment studied under non-powered GSE include chocks baggage carts, trestles, intake exhaust cover, oil cart, air cart, dollies, sling cables, ladders, and aircraft jacks.

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Key Market Players
- Cavotec SA
- Textron GSE
- Flightline Support Ltd.
- Imai Aero-Equipment Mfg. Co., Ltd.
- JBT Corporation
- Mallaghan
- Guangta