Slip rings Market – Outlook, Size, Share & Forecast 2018 – 2028

Slip rings also named as rotary electrical joint, electric swivel or collector. These rings are used as the electromechanical device which allows the transmission of electrical and power signal from a rotating and stationary structure. Slip rings also improve streamline system operation, mechanical performance, and eliminate damage prone wires from movable joints. Slip rings cast-off in various applications such as aerospace, defense, marine, industrial, wind turbines, and others. Slip rings can be modified according to the requirement.

The qualities of slip rings are the prominent factor for the overall system, as they work for the contactless transmission, Ethernet transmission, and high current transmission with low maintenance. Slip rings used in the defense application are capable of withstanding the intense vibration during the operations. Armored vehicle slip rings used for turrets transmit high-power, as well as signals such as databus, radio, and multiplex.

For pilot training, slip rings are used for centrifugal machines. Marine propulsion slip ring units are used on a significant number of container ships and cruise liners, special service vessels such as coast guard ships, icebreakers, and offshore platforms. In addition to wind turbines, machines that use slip rings include closed-circuit cameras, amusement park rides, CT scanners, generators, radio telescopes, and helicopters. Wide applicability area of slip rings in the industry across the solar, mobile, crane, steel, packaging, wind, marine, elevator and aerospace deliver high growth opportunity for the slip rings market.

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Slip rings Market: Market Dynamics:

Several trends are towards more reliable design for the turbines, marine, aircraft and in replacement unit’s demand, upsurge the requirement of slip rings in the industry. Many designs in industry required periodic demand maintenance to flush out oil and dirt, clean away wear debris, in this case, manufacturers use pitch slip rings for modulate transmission. A quest for greater consistency has encouraged certain companies to devise non-contacting slip rings. Growing demand for slip rings in different industrial applications, create significant growth opportunity over the coming years.

Initial and maintenance cost for slip rings are more compared to the other conventional motors. Speed regulation is also poor with external resistances in the rotor circuit. These are some factors, which are expected to slow down the growth of slip rings applicability in industrial application.

Slip rings Market: Segmentation:

The slip rings market can be segmented on the basis of product type, and end-use application:

On the basis of the product type slip rings market can be segmented as:

  • Mercury-wetted slip rings
  • Pancake slip rings
  • Wireless slip rings

On the basis of the product type slip rings market can be segmented as:

  • Aerospace-defense
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Others (Video & optical system and Test Equipment, Radar)

Slip rings Market: Regional Outlook:

North America is expected to hold the majority market share of slip rings market. The U.S. has mainly spent in its aerospace and defense sector; higher defense expending is expected to deliver positive growth outlook for the slip rings market. Asia Pacific Countries such as China, India have majorly spent in the defense and marine sector, for better transmission purpose these industries majorly invest in the slip rings market.

The commercial sector growth has also expected to become one of the major driver for the slip rings market in Asia Pacific region. Europe followed by Japan is expected to deliver the moderate demand for the slip rings over the forecast period.

There is a large manufacturing base in the European countries for the slip rings. Increasing usage of slip rings in the wind turbines is estimated to upsurge the demand in the Europe slip rings market over the forecast period. Demand for slip rings from the Middle East and Africa region escalated owing to rapid industrialization and increasing aerospace defense industry. Latin America is expected to deliver sluggish growth in slip rings market.

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Slip rings Market: Key market participants:

Examples of some of the market participants in the global slip rings market identified across the value chain include:

  • Moog Inc.
  • Schleifring GmbH
  • Cobham Plc
  • United Equipment Accessories, Inc
  • Michigan Scientific Corporation
  • Rotac Co. Ltd.
  • Electro-Miniatures Corporation
  • Conductix-Wampfler
  • NSD Corporation
  • Alpha Slip Rings, Inc.
  • Globetech Inc
  • Moflon Technology
  • JINPAT Electronics
  • SenRing Electronics
  • Foxtac Electric