Inboard Engines Market: Present Scenario and the Growth Prospects with Forecast 2019 – 2029

The industrial sector is transforming towards centralized and automated non-core tasks. The businesses are evaluating and re-aligning service capabilities and network models to adapt with the new normal. To overcome the impact of disrupted supply chain models, the businesses are creating transparent system with help of big data, connected ecosystem and intelligent system. Besides all the organizational level changes, the market players in industrial sector are increasing work safety precautions to fall in line with the social-distancing norms issued by the government.

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Inboard Engines Market: Introduction

An Inboard Engine is a type of propulsion system used for marine vessels. Contrary to an outboard engine which is mounted outside the hull of the craft, Inboard Engines are mounted inside the hull’s midsection or in front of the transom. The engine turns a drive shaft that transfers the power from engine to the propeller shaft. More often, Inboard Engines comes with considerably higher power range and fuel efficiency as compared to that of an outboard engine. For commercial fishing and charter boats, Inboard Engines are preferred over outboard engines for operating with low center of gravity.

Inboard Engines also find significant application in water sports boats including water-tubing, wakeboarding, water-skiing. The Inboard Engines are available in a wide range of power as per the requirement from small boats to larger boats. The Inboard Engines are available in as low a 20 HP power engine to as high as 800 HP. Owing to the several essential features, the demand for efficient and durable Inboard Engines is anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period. This in turn is anticipated to significantly contribute to the growing market of Inboard Engines across the globe.

Inboard Engines Market: Dynamics

The development of maritime tourism industry with increased spending by general population has witnessed significant growth over the past decade in activities such as short-distance or long distance leisure cruise travels, recreational sports and amusement activities. From the increased traction of people towards recreational water sports and maritime tourism including activities such as yachting, water skiing, kite surfing, SCUBA diving, etc. is in turn expected to upsurge the demand of new boats and hence is expected to propel the market of Inboard Engines in the near future. Continuous fleet addition by boating and water sports companies to benefit from the growing number of tourists is also expected to drive the growth of Inboard Engines market.

In recent past, customers have been expressing a preference for a sportier ride associated with a higher power-to-weight ratio that naturally favors outboard engines. Additional benefits of outboard engines include a quieter operation, greater cockpit space, and easier maintenance. The shift towards outboard engines is connected to the kind of boats that buyers wish to purchase. Outboard-powered deck boats are responsible for the jump in outboard engine demand when there was scarcely any two decades ago. This in turn is estimated to be a key restraining factor hindering the growth of global Inboard Engines market during the forecast period.

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Inboard Engines Market: Segments

The global Inboard Engines market has been segmented by Power Type, by Vessel Type and by Engine Type

By type of Power, the global Inboard Engines market is segmented into

  • Low Power Inboard Engines (Less than 100 HP)
  • Medium Power Inboard Engines (100 HP to 300HP)
  • High Power Inboard Engines (Above 300 HP)

By type of vessel, the global Inboard Engines market is segmented into

  • Personal Watercraft and Sailboats
  • Passenger Vessels
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Service Vessels

By type of Engine, the global Inboard Engines market is segmented into

  • Two stroke Inboard Engines
  • Four Stroke Inboard Engines

Inboard Engines Market: Regional Outlook

The global Inboard Engines market is expected to be concentrated in the developed regions such as North America and Europe owing to larger demand for marine vessels. China is the world largest producer of boats. The country accounted for a production of 4,874,777 units of inflatable boats in the year 2017. USA is the second largest producer of boats with significant production of personal watercrafts. As the middle class population has increased considerably, coupled with increase in the disposable income, the spending on marine tourism and water sports has increased considerably particularly in the developing regions such as South Asia, Latin America and others.

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Inboard Engines Market: Key Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global Inboard Engines market include:

  • Volvo Penta
  • Brunswick Corporation (Mercury Marine)
  • PleasureCraft Marine
  • Indmar Marine Engines
  • Textron Motors GmbH
  • VETUS Schiedam