How to launch an online-shop of children's toys and got 82 orders for 12 days.

Time of reading: ~ 3 minutes

The example of the first screen of the website.

Target: To test the niche of children's toys for the population of Portugal and determine which of toy the most popular.

Solve: We'd launched the advertising campaign on Instagram. When users clicked on the link below the advertising teaser they go to a one-page website We'd created 7 advertising creatives and wrote the texts for them with different headers. Each teaser positioned separate toys. Users who have gone on the website could make an order. The website was developed on the site builder Tilda.

Spent: 155,94 €

Amount of leads: 82

Reach: 38 184

Coast per lead: 1,90 €

The example of a teaser 1
The example of a teaser 2.
The example of a teaser 3.
We have determined, that teasers, posted above were the most resultative from the start advertising campaign. We had used placement "Instagram Feed". In this placement, we got the cheapest leads.

Advertising indicators.

Indicators from Facebook Ads Manager. Part 1.
Indicators from Facebook Ads Manager. Part 2.

Duration of test: from 15th to 26th of April. During this period we got 82 orders. Average receipt - 50€. Return on marketing investment (ROMI) - more than 2600%.


The customer had tested the niche of children's toys in Portugal and determined, what of toy the most popular. Now the customer decided to develop the website with the ability of online-payments. After updating the website we'll continue to get new orders from Instagram. Check the updates.

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