StealthMail: Here Is Why You Should Store Your Sensitive Data in the Cloud

When we dispute whether to keep or not to keep our confidential data in the cloud, first, we think about data’s security.

We do that because we feel anxious entrusting our personal data to “God-knows-who.” Our decision to feel that way is based on precautions, but this feeling is justified only when we don’t know “how this all works.”

With proper knowledge, you’ll realize that all concerns are reasonless.

Safety is Closer Than You Think

Nowadays, cloud services are able to provide better security and protection of personal information than the existing infrastructure of your company.

The “Cloud” gives you more possibilities to build a reliable infrastructure: it eliminates the need to buy costly equipment and allows employees of the company to work from any place in the world that has an Internet connection.

Gaining access to worker’s data that is located on the corporate laptop or computer can be easily done by hacking the network that devices are connected to.

Unlike physical drives, all information on the Cloud is stored in an encrypted form.

That means your critical business files are not kept in plain text but in a sequence of characters that form an encrypted content.

Additionally, an automatic and regular backup takes place. This way, remote safekeeping of important data on the Cloud is not only safe, but critical for protecting you from cyber-threats.

“Cloud” without “Water” or Raw Facts

According to the analytical data of the IDC company, the volume of global market of cloud services has increased by 29% in 2017. In money terms, that’s about 117 billion dollars.

More than 64% of revenue on this market was generated by a SaaS (Software as a Service) segment. More than 31% of a market’s turnover or about 25 billion was provided by IaaS segment (Infrastructure as a Service).

Gartner company analytics staff also provided results of the worldwide market research of public clouds. Expenses on those solutions increased by more than 30%. Experts underline that dynamic rise of worldwide expenses on public cloud services will continue in the next five years.

By 2021, 94% of tasks and virtual calculations will be executed in cloud centers of data processing and only 6% in traditional ones.

According to Cisco’s report, cloud service growth will increase by 3.3 times and will reach 19.5 zeta bite, while an annual gain for a specified period will get to 27%. Global cloud traffic will reach 95% of overall traffic by 2021 (In 2016 it was 88%).

Number One Cloud

The workflow of a public cloud is very simple: instead of acquiring and setting up your own servers for software booting, you rent a server in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The main advantage of saving data on the Azure Cloud is a real-time data backup that takes place on six separate servers simultaneously. This approach allows you to eliminate the loss and inaccessibility of your data.

Moving local infrastructure into a cloud will get you:

·       Availability of data on request.

·       Financial savings on maintenance of both infrastructure and staff.

·       Simplified hardware.

·       Accessibility to data of employees who are out of the office but have the ability to connect via the Internet.

·       No time loss on the allocation of new resources.

·       Centralized administration of virtual machines.

Number One Solution

StealthMail is a SaaS email security and data protection solution that can be deployed in the company's cloud.

StealthMail is a multi-level, military grade software solution based on the system of independent modules (even getting access to one module doesn’t affect the work of others).

It’s a solution that will help you meet all your personal data protection requirements.

Modules are easy to set up, and they can be deployed on local or remote premises and cloud.

After the deployment of the StealthMail email security and data protection solution, employees of the company will continue using Microsoft Outlook as their main email client and safely exchange files of virtually any size. The service is installed as an Outlook add-in. Also there is an option to install StealthMail’s Microsoft Outlook add-in remotely for all employees at once.

Other important advantages:

·       A StealthMail solution doesn’t disrupt the existing IT-infrastructure. No integration needed.

·       All the encrypted data is stored in protected company storage and not on a device of the user (PC, mobile phone, tablet).

·       Encrypted data is transferred to the device only after user authorization.

·       Only data subjects and people granted access can get to the information.

·       In case of a hack or internal data leak, you can block access to the database remotely.

·       Usage of law-friendly data decoding in compliance with the laws of the country where the company is located.

·       Use of two-way authentication.

·       Encryption keys are under complete control of your company.

So, as you can you see, it’s one of the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to keep your confidential information secure.

To find more about the solution, please visit today.

November 22, 2018
by Don Garcia
Cyber Security
Data Protection
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