DonorBlood - This is a project to monetize donor activities, thanks to which, every donor receives a worthy reward for a good cause.



How it works

Donating blood or its components, you get compensation. With these funds, you purchase a coin and delegate it.


At the first stage of the project, confirming the donation, you will receive a bonus of 20% of the allocated number of coins.


Get income from rewards / Get bonuses. As the community grows, the rate of the coin grows.


You can recall your steak at any time. Sell it and rewards when you consider that the time has come. Or redelegate income in order to increase steak and income.



DONORBLOOD is a coin that everyone can buy, but only a donor, having confirmed the fact of donating blood or its components, receives bonuses and privileges from the project.

CRR: 70%

Reserve: 1000 Bip

Issued: 1000 DONORBLOOD

Price: 1.58680269 Bip


The project profitability is distributed as follows:


40% of the rewards will be used to buy a coin and delegate it to maintain liquidity and increase the rate of the coin. And also at the first stage of the project to distribute bonuses to real donors.


 Reserve fund

40% of the awards will go to the reserve fund of the project and remain in the account at Bip.


Why do I need a reserve fund in Bip?


1. No one is immune from market speculators, for example:

a) "someone" (a speculator, not a donor) entered a large amount in a coin pro -amping the course.

b) After that, a bona fide donor buys a coin for compensation from donation.

c) The speculator sells his coin returning the course to its place.

d) The price of a bona fide donor dropped below the purchase.

e) The project compensates for losses from the reserve fund.

(This situation is unlikely, as the speculator wants to quickly catch a profit, and DONORBLOOD is growing gradually)


2. If after a certain period of time the reserve fund has made a sufficient number of coins, then part of it will be distributed between bona fide donors.



20% of the awards go to the development of the project.


Investor Restrictions

The maximum number of tokens subject to a bonus of 20% should be equivalent to an amount of not more than 20$ (This is the maximum amount that is issued as compensation for lunch after donating blood and its components. The bonus for the amount received above the norm is discussed individually)
A document confirming the donation of blood and its components must not be older than 3 months.
The number of requests for a bonus should not exceed: once every 2 months for men and once every 3 months for women. (Since it is recommended to donate blood with such a frequency. When an unscheduled blood donation, the bonus is discussed individually.)

Next year plans

Find validators who are willing to work with a 0% commission for real donors.

Creating a resource with donation information for beginners.

Creating a complete database of donors on the blockchain in order to distribute privileges.

Contacts and official project portals

The official channel in Telegram -

Official Chat on Telegram -

For cooperation - @DonorBlood, @apelsinstar

Email -

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