id30919: + $3010 and ROI 240%on 18442 - BioDeto - COD - [ID] in Indonesia | Facebook

  • Network:
  • Source: Facebook
  • Offer: 18442 - BioDeto - COD - [ID]
  • GEO: Indonesia
  • Campaign period: 24.12.19 - 09.01.2020
  • Spent: ā‰ˆ $1240
  • Revenue: $4250
  • Profit: $3010
  • ROI: ~242%


On average, there were 3 advertising accounts in operation. The structure of the campaigns: 1 campaign - 2 adsets (male/female separately, ages 35-65+) 1 ad for each adset. Trending accounts:) the launch was without warming up the business manager. conversions right after the start. Lifetime period of account ~7 days.



Just pepper :) Fb immediately and without problems approved the advertisements, they were taken from the spy service. The text and title for the ads were taken from the pre-landing (the title is straight from the pre-landing at the beginning of the article)

Stats (without AR guarantee):

I started delivering traffic at the end of December. But because of the holidays in Indonesia, the advertiser asked to hold off for a bit. On the 1st of January, several accounts were connected and there was a quantum leap in the number of daily leads. There are no Facebook screenshots because I did not plan to publish the case. The lead average price was $ 1.3 and a lifetime period of the accounts was about 7 days. In the process of work, I did not edit anything in the accounts so as not to be banned. They worked great than were banned and showed a good profit)

The trick of the campaign:

I used no cloak:) Pre-landing was uploaded to as it was in the affiliate network. Special thanks to for the ability to integrate via API using two methods - PHP and JS. There is no way to work with PHP on the Github, so it was easy to integrate through JS and send leads.


After the short time of the campaign launch, I was offered to fix the AR guarantee on 30%. This was the decisive factor for scaling. The AR guarantee money was additionally added to my payment once a week. The calculation was carried out as follows: we take the total amount of leads for 7 days, minus the trash. And we count 30% of the number of valid leads. Accordingly, we add the difference of 30% to the payment and what was in the stat at the time of payment. Everything is honest and open:)

Particular moment to be mentioned:

It very pleasant that the manager answered such an early time in the morning, understood the situation and made the payment. Perhaps this is a little thing, but I remembered this moment and clearly remembered such a user-friendly experience:)

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