August 4, 2020

Case study: Facebook - Poland - Diet / Weight loss = +$20,888 [ROI: 100%]

Poland is on a roll again +$20,888 profit on weight loss🔥

What you need to know before reading this case study:.

  1. 1) There are 4 more PL weight loss offers with very favorable conditions and working funnels in Information at the end of the post.
  2. 2) Right now, the packaging is being tested for two of them. The last test in Poland showed + 29% (CR 3.55% → 5.02%) to conversion, and the previous approach (in Thailand) gave + 53% (CR 2.11 % → 3.40%). Expect funnel update very soon, we take care of your profit growth.
  3. 3)You can discuss the case study in the Nutra affiliate community in telegram. In honor of the opening, we are giving away $ 1000 among the participants!

  • Dates: 5.04.20 - 10.06.2020
  • Spent: $20,000
  • Revenue: $40,888
  • Profit: $20,888
  • ROI: ~100%
  • Source: FB
  • Affiliate network:
  • Offer: 18180 — Weight manager
  • GEO: Poland

Hello everyone, my name is Nikita!

To begin with, I'll tell you a little about myself and my collaboration with I started affiliate marketing about a year ago, got a job as a programmer in a team. Gradually, I changed different teams, gained experience, and, finally, my friend and I created our own team. The actual question arose - who to work with?

And the choice almost immediately fell on The first argument was that the very first team I came to worked with this particular affiliate network, so I knew them quite well. The second argument came from the first - knowing well, I understood that I could count on good conditions and could be sure of them.

Everything has been confirmed, and now, whenever I find a good offer, I definitely try to work on it through

In the process of working, I came across another important advantage - fast and frequent payments, up to several times a day. Very often all the money is in circulation, but more is urgently needed. The guys from have always met halfway in this regard.

Let's get back to the case, can't wait to share the details🧩

We didn't have the opportunity to run many tests, so we decided to start with offers that were balanced in terms of popularity / low cost. At that time, Weight Manager for Poland was not particularly in the top, but it seemed very interesting, and we decided to try it.


We chose the widest target - women 30+

Then the pre-landing from the affiliate network (12384) was improved, even before the start of the traffic. Based on my experience, I decided to put more emphasis on the order form, making it more attractive and visible.


I've tested quite a few creatives. The first three turned out to be successful, while the last three showed good results for the first couple of days, and then conversion declined a lot.

And a few unsuccessful ones:

Stats from account and description

Now there will be a lot of text and figures :)

A small introduction. The statistics from the tracker didn’t pan out - at the moment when we realized that we were ready to share the case study, we demolished and re-installed it several times.

The similar situation was with the statistics from FB. We didn’t make screenshots during launching a very large number of accounts and almost every one of them was performing well, average ROI usually was 100%.

At the very beginning of the campaign, when the quarantine had just begun, the CPM rates were not very good - $ 3-4 with a pre-landing CR of 20%. The situation gradually leveled off, CPM became $ 4-6 with a click cost of 0.02 - 0.05.

Now more about accounts. We launched a lot of them. The reason was simple - we started delivering traffic from personal and trusted Polish accounts and BMs. However, after a while, Facebook stopped giving the opportunity to create Polish accounts, and the purchase became unreasonably expensive. Therefore, we have gathered many different Russian accounts: auto-registered/bruted / logs. This is not to say that we chose the best, we just delivered traffic from each of them.

I was very pleased with the approval for this offer - it was stable at 65% and with a payout $ 24.5 we managed to get good money.

At another moment we encountered a not very pleasant situation: due to a failure, the leads did not reach the affiliate program. We were very worried, therefore, based on their personal experience, other affiliate networks often found excuses not to pay compensation. In this case, compensated our expenses without question and even added over this.

The traffic was filtered by binomo with a set of standard filters such as geo, device, referrer, etc.

There is not much to say about moderation, we were starting campaigns at 8-8:30 am local time in Poland and everything managed to pass moderation.

Conclusions and tips for the campaign

We hope that we helped many women in Poland become slim and fit :)

But seriously, I once again made sure that dr cash is a top affiliate program that generously approves at good payouts.

It should be noted the work of the manager, who has already become a friend to us, he solves all issues promptly, there are no problems with payments at any time.

The offer is still working, and if it weren't for the problems that FB created for us, we would have continued to deliver traffic in the same way and even more📈

Where to deliver traffic if you want to achieve the same

There is no question any longer why to work with Poland. There is a question - why not all of us are already doing this!? Excellent approval rate + excellent conversion + brand-new product packages from = stable profit. Further offers and funnels that we recommend:

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1) Landing page: 14762

18890 - Diabetins (diabetes) - PL - 64% - $ 21

1) Landing page: 14866

18957 Moring Slim (weight loss) - PL - 50% - $ 23

1) Landing page: 15031

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