Senior Back-End Developer в IBM

Your Role and Responsibilities
* Design and implementation of software systems for our customers in wide range of domains (banking, gas/oil, retail);
* Apply all your knowledge and experience to bring high quality product;
* Technical driving and following industry best practice in technology and design on the backend;
* Ensure consistency for overall architecture approach;
* Works to define infrastructure and reusable components as well as testing infrastructure for all sub projects;
* Work on a multidisciplinary team to architect, design, and deliver high-quality products;
* Troubleshoot and optimize Back-end code to ensure a consistent and fast experience for our users;
* Continuously collaborate with other developers to implement best practices, introduce new tools and improve processes;
* Define of testing strategies applicable for design and test of applications ;
* Delivery software following Agile style and CI/CD practices;
* Share knowledge and experience with customers, other team members.

Required Professional and Technical Expertise
3+ years experience in IT in banking and financial sector;
* 4+ years wide experience with Java (core libs, VM, GC, JMM, Network etc.);
* Knowledge of/experience with Agile methodologies;
* Experience with build tools: Maven, Gradle;
* Experience with SCM: SVN,GIT,Mercurial;
* Experience with HTTP, SOAP, REST and their server/client implementations;
* Experience with Spring ecosystem: IOC, MVC, Security, Spring Boot etc;
* Experience with any JPA implementation: Hibernate, Eclipselink, other;
* Experience SQL;
* Experience with JMS (ActiveMQ, RabitMQ, other)
* Experience with pipelines in any of CI (Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, CircleCi, other);

Preferred Professional and Technical Expertise
* Experience with internals of Oracle, Postgres database is a plus;
* Experience with Apache Kafka is a plus
* Experience with Microservice architecture is a plus;
* Experience with Docker ecosystem(compose, swarm, kubernetes) is a plus;


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