7 Tips for Winning Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular and thrilling games for most gamblers across the world. Gamblers who understand the rules and strategies of this game always have an edge over other players. So, how can you play Blackjack and win big? Here are some of the proven tips from professionals.

1. Use a basic strategy

Practicing and memorizing the best way to stand, hit, double down your hand and split is a must if you want to succeed. When playing, you should always split your aces and eights, double or hit your aces -6 and hit when your hand is twelve to sixteen and the dealer has a 7-ace.

2. Avoid sitting on the first base chair

You should avoid sitting on the first base chair to avoid the rushing dealer. Sitting way will give you a chance to look at your hand and the up card of the dealer.

3. Start small

Don’t start firing when the dealer has just arrived on the table. Doing things in a rush will not take you anywhere. Players for online poker for real money NZ start small and analyze the situation to ensure they make a killing. And so should you when playing blackjack. The dealer may be hot or cold and this really matters to you as a player. Starting small givesyou enough time to gauge.

4. Don’t listen to other gamblers

The decisions other gamblers make will not affect your hand. Remember, you are playing alone and they have no idea what you have. There is no expert in gambling. No one can accurately predict the future. When you here the “expert” blowing off, just smile and continue playing.

5. You either win or lose

You should not increase your best because you are winning. The cards don’t care whether you are almost winning or losing. Regardless of what happened in your previous sessions, you need to stay focused on the present moment to avoid losing.

6. Rate after playing

It’s important to give the dealer your card after playing. Doing this will earn you extra perks which will reduce your playing costs in future.

7. Don’t drink and play

Players can have alcoholic drinks while playing. You should avoid drinking while playing because alcohol and other types of drugs will impair your judgement and increase your chances of making fatal errors. There is time for everything. After playing and winning, you can have your drinks.

Playing blackjack is easy so long as you understand the rules of the game and the best strategies. Players who start playing black jack without taking their time to understand the rules are like blind men trying to cross a busy road successfully.

Knowing the game rules and strategies will increase your chances of winning exponentially. You can learn the game rules by playing free online blackjack regularly. Also, keep the alcoholic drinks away to avoid mistakes that will cost you dearly in the long run.