7 The Most Popular Education Myth

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Some individuals believe that learning is not difficult, and so there is a simple formula that can make you excel. These kinds of opinions have led to the development of education myths for both online and traditional classes. Here are some of the myths that exist in the learning environment.

  1. More Money Means Better Schools

Even though school expenditure has increased as compared to several years ago, there is relatively no change in test scores and graduation rates. National Assessment of education progress that is administered yearly on some US students shows that the scores have is no positive correlation to the rise in expenses.

  1. More Homework Implies More Learning

An extra one hour of homework in English, Science, and History has very little or no impact at all. Research has shown that students who spent most of their hours doing homework experience stress-related symptoms.

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  1. Online Education Is Simple

This is another common myth that makes it into this writing. An online student has to cover the same materials as in-person students. Therefore, it is not true that earning a degree online is simple as compared to that of a traditional class.

  1. Teachers Are Solely Responsible For Learning

This myth in education does not hold waters. One fact about learning is that it is an interactive process. Therefore, tutors are not the only ones in the classroom who can share valuable knowledge. Students can teach each other and benefit from it.

  1. The Quality Of Online Learning Is Lower

Although the standards for online courses depend on an institution, most online classes go through a rigorous certification process. This is to ensure that the online faculty understands the academic standards required for online courses.

  1. Fewer Students In Class Mean Better Performance

What matters is the quality of tutors and not the number of students. It also states that if there are fewer students in a classroom, the attention will be more personalized. However, this does not matter, especially if the teacher is not involved.

  1. The Smartest Student Perform Better

It is believed that a student's performance in class depends on his/her intellectual inheritance instead of the effort spent studying. Nevertheless, this is not entirely true. All students have the capability of performing well if they put enough effort into learning.


These are the seven common myths that are common in a school environment and are repeated without them being true. To get rid of this misconception, everyone needs to know the real facts.