10 Ways to Embed Social Media and Blog Posts

You may be wanting to embed a social media post/feed onto your website or blog, but don't know how. This list will help when it comes to popular social networks.


To embed a Pinterest board, profile or pin, head to this page. Choose which type of pin you want. Paste in the URL of the board, profile or pin and change the size. Then copy and paste the code onto your page.

Your finished embed will look like one of these:

RSS Feed

There are a few good RSS feed embed widgets, and there is a whole blog post about them here. One we particularly like is embed.ly, here is what it looks like:

An embed.ly example.

YouTube Video

Find and open the video on YouTube, then click 'share' underneath. Then choose embed. Follow the instructions to embed the video on your site or blog. It will look something like this:

An example YouTube video embed.

Vimeo Video

Embedding a Vimeo video is similar to embedding a YouTube one. Click share underneath your chosen video, then choose embed.

An example Vimeo embed.


What a SlideShare embed looks like.


Embedding Slideserve is similar to embedding a SlideShare presentation. Find the presentation, then click share, and then choose embed.

What a Slideserve embed looks like.

Facebook Posts and Videos

Visit this page and choose the option of either post or video. Then, paste the post or video link in the URL of 'Post/Video' box. Follow the instructions to copy the code and embed it on your website.

What a Facebook video embed looks like.

Twitter Post

Embedding a Twitter post is easy. Just find the post you like, click the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the post and choose Embed Tweet. Follow the instructions to copy the code and put it on your own website.

An example Twitter embed.

Instagram Post

You can embed an Instagram in a similar way that you do so with Twitter. First, you find the post you would like to embed. Make sure that it is not set to private. Then, click the [...] menu and choose embed. Follow the instructions and paste the code on your own website or blog.

Any Blog Post or Article

Method 1 - Using embed.ly

Find the post/article and copy the link address. Then, paste it into embed.ly and copy the embed code. It will look a bit like this:

An example embed.ly embed.

Method 2 - Using iframely

Visit iframely and click the Just 'Get a Code' button. Paste the link of your post or article into Iframely. Follow the instructions, and then copy the embed code and paste it into your website or blog. It will look a bit like this:

An example Iframely embed.

If you sign up to Iframely (not free), you can also customize what the embed looks like.