Best Layered Hairstyles And Shaggy Haircut Ideas Of 2021

Trendy layered hairstyle

The very first thing that appears in your mind when you think of layered hairstyles is undoubtedly the popular emo-punk look of the early 2000s. However, today's layered hair is nothing like those seen at Warped Tour in the past. Instead, they're trendy, elegant, and highly attractive—oh, and they also add texture, width, bounce, and dimension to your hair in a moment.

By incorporating textures into your hairs, you can give your hair more structure and body, making it appear thicker and fuller. Below are the best-layered hairstyles, including graduated layers, long layered hair, layered bobs, and more.

1. Feathered Long Layered Haircut

long feathered cut hair

Feathered layers evoke all of the best aspects of the 1970s. Even those with fine, straight hair should experiment with light layers like this to add lift and volume without overthinking long layered hair.

2.Layered Haircut At Shoulder Length

This tucked-behind-the-ears medium-length hairstyle shows that layered strands don't have to be all up in your face. Let your stylist know if you still want to be able to wear your hair in a ponytail without bits falling out, and he or she will take that into account when customizing your cut. This hairstyle works well on medium hair and gives you that healthy vibe in your hair.

3.Shoulder-Length Layered Haircut

Shoulder layered hairstyle

A few layers around your face will add excitement to any hairstyle without adding a lot of effort if you have a straighter hair form and want to add a little bit of body that won't take a lot of style time.

4.Haircut with Layers Is A Timeless Style

Goergeous Layered hairstyle

What's the secret to getting tall, bouncy volume on long strands? There are many layers here, as well as a blow-dry hairbrush that makes blowing out your hair a breeze (trust us, we tried).

5.Curly Hair With Layers

kinky curly hair in layers

The amazing thing about layers is that they allow you to add volume without sacrificing the length of your long curly hairstyle. Curls that are not the same length appear to fall flattered at the roots and build a triangular shape around your face when they are all the same length. So, for instant bounce and movement, ask for layers just around the top part of your hair.

6.Haircut With Layers For Thick Hair

Voluminous layered hair

The secret to large, loose curls like this is to use hot rollers, but hair that is long, thick, and just one length won't hold much of a curl. Long layers all over can help produce big waves all over, rather than just curled ends.

7.Layered Hair That Is Short And Choppy

Choppy layered hair

If you looked up the word "hair layers," I'm pretty sure this short hairstyle will be the picture right next to it. This layered cut has it all: peace, choppy strands, face-framing fringe, and thinned-out ends.

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8.Curtain Bangs

Chic looking layered hair

What is the great thing about curtain bangs? They'll turn into face-framing layers that are shorter in the middle and longer on the sides once you've gotten over them and let them grow out.

9.Layered Short Haircut

Edgy short layered hair

If you have fine, flat hair and want to add some volume and oomph, subtle layers will add lift to the roots without over-thinning the ends. Oh, and volumizing hair products can also come in handy.

These hot hair ideas keep your hair looking remarkably brilliant throughout the year and look trendy. Wear layered hairstyles like never before with the help of hair extensions and weave hair.

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