Threads are the most basic way of embellishing any design. They are the most easiest and simple method that has been used for ages. embroiderymaterial.com is an online embroidery store where you can find a wide range of embroidery thread online which are perfect for creating designs and patterns on any fabric. You can also find sewing and knitting yarn too.

Let’s discuss what all of the different embroidery threads you can get online:

1) Cotton Threads: This embroidery thread is available in skeins and spools. Cotton Embroidery floss are perfect for hand embroidery while cotton threads that come in spools are perfect for both hand and machine embroidery.

2) Art Silk Threads: These threads are artificial silk threads, also known as Resham. They are used for both hand and machine embroidery. Their use in jewelry making is also very significant. You can easily use them to give a beautiful satin and silk finish to your designs.

3) Crochet Threads: One of the amazing forms of embroidery is crocheting which is used for making garments and other items with thread. At embroiderymaterial.com, you can find crochet cotton threads in two different sizes, i.e. size 40 and size 20.

4) Nylon Threads: These are available in many beautiful colors and are used for hemming and darning clothes and other fabrics. They are also available in clear colors which are perfect for hemming any dress or outfit.

5) Sewing Threads: These threads consists of two different threads, one is coats stitching threads which is used for stitching the swimsuits, jackets etc. and other is flat wax thread, also known as saddlers thread used for book binding and repairs shoes.

6) Knitting Yarn: This yarn is used for making clothing items by knitting. They are available in in beautiful radiant colors and two different materials, i.e, acrylic and cotton.

7) Satin Cord: Satin cord, also known as Malai Dori is mainly used for jewelry making, you can also find them used in clothing items and craft projects. They are available in marvellous color which will surely make your designs shine.

So, this was all about various threads for embroidery and jewelry making. You can buy them all at wholesale prices only on embroiderymaterial.com.