Massage Chair Market Manufacturers, Types, Regions and Applications Research Report Forecast to 2022

9 July 2019 - Global Massage Chair Market is predicted to grow significantly in the forecast period owing to the increasing work-related stress and the need for stress-relieving solutions because of the hectic lifestyle. As the name suggests, massage chairs are specially designed for massages. Massage chairs focus on head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, and hands. Massage therapists offer on-site massage due to the portability of chair and the patients are not required to disrobe to receive the massage.

Owing to these factors, massage chairs can be used at places like business offices, employee application events, trade shows, conferences and other corporate facilities. Massage chairs are an economic option to get massages regularly and obtain benefits of the regular massage. The one time investment can be efficiently used at home and office areas.

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Primarily, the massage chairs provide relaxation and help in treating sports injuries or issues like postural misalignment and other pains. The modern and hectic lifestyle is demanding relaxation and massage chairs is one of the best solutions available. To avoid the time and money involved in hiring the personal massage therapist, massage chairs are convenient and cost-efficient option.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford massage professionals and hence, the convenience offered by massage chairs is positively impacting massage chair market. The two main types of massage chairs are robotic chairs and traditional chairs. The robotic massage chairs perform with the help of motors and electronic vibrators and the traditional massage chairs allow offer relaxation to various body parts like head, shoulders, neck, back, etc.

Various surveys have revealed that the rising prevalence of health conditions like obesity, poor blood circulation, depression, high blood pressure and anxiety can be attributed to work-related stress. This raises the need for active solutions for effective relief from pain and stress and stimulates massage chair market. Another driver influencing massage chair market is the increase in number of physiotherapy clinics and massage parlors. Along with the growing urban middle class, the massage parlors are also increasing. Even though the concept of massage parlors is popular in developed regions like Europe and United States, the trend is still lacking in the emerging countries.

The lifecycle of massage chairs is high, due to which they do not need frequent replacement. People purchase massage chairs only when they require or when the old chairs are to be replaced. The replacement cycle of these products is low since they are good quality products with durability. Such average life of massage chairs is challenging the growth of massage chair market.

The rising popularity of electric chairs is the trend that is affecting massage chair market. Electric massage chairs are growing in adoption and popularity globally. The increased awareness and health consciousness among consumers, especially working professionals and the senior citizens has fueled the use of electronic massage chairs to stay fit and stress-free.

Massage chair market is categorized on the basis of nature, type, distribution channel, end user and geography. On the basis of nature, massage chair market is divided into traditional and robotic. Based on type, massage chair market is divided into full body massage chair, upper body massage chairs, air massage, zero gravity, and heat therapy.

By distribution channel, massage chairs are classified in supermarkets/hypermarkets, specialty stores and online retail. Online retail is becoming the most popular channel in emerging nations like India, Indonesia, China and Russia. By end user, massage chair market is divided into personal and commercial.

Geographically, massage chair market is segmented as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa. Owing to the increased affordability, United States of America and United Kingdom are expected to hold larger massage chair market share. The prominent players in massage chair market are Family Inada Co. Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, Osim International Ltd, Fujiiryoki, Johnson Health Tech Co, Ltd., and Cozzia USA.

Market Segment:

Key Applications

• Residential

• Commercial

Key Regions

• North America

• Europe

• Asia Pacific

• Middle East and Africa

• South America

Key Vendors


• Bodyfriend

• Daito

• Family Inada

• Fujiyorki

• Panasonic

• Shanghai Rongtai

• Xiamen Comfort

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