February 4, 2021

Study permit Britain 🇬🇧

Do you need a visa to study in Britain❓
Anyone who is planning to study in the UK is required to have a visa to stay in the country for an extended period of time.
Immigration requirements for the UK (and the United Kingdom as a whole) are determined by your nationality and the country(ies) that you have citizenship in.

The visa you apply for depends on your circumstances:

🔸If you’re studying on an English language course for up to 11 months, apply for a Short-term study visa.
🔸If you’re coming to study on a further or higher education course, apply for a Student visa.
🔸Or if you’re aged 4 to 17 and coming to study at an independent school, apply for a Child Student visa.
Also, there are some differences if you plan to study on a grant.

For example, to get a Student visa you need:
🔹prepare documents
🔹confirm your identity
🔹 pass the interview

💭Each type of visa has its own requirements for documents and application procedures. To increase the chances of getting a positive response!

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