Stand out from the rest of the crowd with Data Science Certification

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Stand out from the rest of the crowd with Data Science Certification

Introduction to Data Science

Data Science is the study of where to get the data from, what needs to be done with the available data, what does it represents and how it can prove beneficial in creating business and IT strategies. The aim of storing and mining a large amount of data is to increase efficiency, decrease costs, identify new market opportunities, and increase the competitive advantage. This field demands skills such as a great understanding of statistics, mathematics, and computer science along with an interest in techniques like machine learning, visualization, and data mining. 

Benefits of Data Science Certification

The big advantage of enlisting data science in an organization is facilitating and empowering decision making. These data-driven decisions lead to more profitability, stability, improved performance, and better workflow in any organization. The benefits of data science vary from company to company depending on the company’s mission and the industry. In the list below, you will know the key benefits of data science:

Working with the latest technologies 

The Data science certification will help you in working with the latest technology stacks.

Vacant positions 

This field is high in demand but witnesses low supply, which is one of the reasons you should opt for data science training.

Highly paid career: 

Data science is considered to be one of the most highly paid jobs nowadays.

Highly Prestigious

Companies rely on Data scientists for a better understanding of insights; Thus, they hold an important position in the company.

Personal growth

Data science will not only benefit a professional career, but also personal growth with the emergence of problem-solving attitude.

Practical field

Data science is more of working with numbers, but it also involves an analytical part.


Data science and its Application

Data science has not evolved in the dawn. The demand for storage of big data and faster computation is one the reason for a huge demand for data science. In the list below, you will get to know the key applications of data science:

Fraud and risk factors

The major application of data science is by banking companies that apply data for analyzing a customer’s worthiness.

Medical use 

The healthcare industry has been using machine learning methods for the early detection of medical conditions.

Internet results

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other platforms use data science algorithms that provide the searched query within a few seconds.


The gaming users experience high-level experience in games only because of the use of data science and machine learning algorithms.

Health at doorstep

The healthcare support platform, such as Practo is just a click away only with the application of data science.


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June 19, 2019
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