September 20, 2019

Помощники на ферму Санты в Финляндию

Помогать ухаживать за животными, встречать гостей, продавать билеты. Работа 6-8 часов в день, минимум 1 месяц с декабря по апрель.

Взамен: жилье, питание.

Help is needed all year around in Finnish Lapland for a "Santa´s Pet Farm" (domestic animal yard).

Work would mainly include farm work, taking care of animals, feeding them, cleaning pens etc. Greeting and guiding visitors in the farm, helping customers to feed the reindeers, selling tickets. Also keeping the accommodation cottage nice and clean during Your stay :-)

I expect HelpXers to have experience in taking care of horses, or other bigger animals. The minimum of Your stay should be about one month.

The farm is located at the Ski- and activity resort named Levi, in Finnish Lapland.

I´ll offer You accommodation in a small cottage in the Farm; one room with mini kitchen. Real meals are not included, but bread, vegetables and fruits and eggs are free to use. I dont live at the farm, but I come there every day by car. I live 30km north from Levi, in a small village.

Work is very seasonal, when winter months December-April are more busy. There are more people in winter who visit the farm than in the summer. Also snow and cold makes the winter days more busy.

The cottage and part of the stables are warmed with wood-burning stoves.

The work takes about 6-8 hours a day depending how experienced you are with animal work and other tasks. You will have one day off per week.

In Levi there are great opportunities for winter and summer activities in the nature. There are good possibilities to see magical Northern Lights on dark winter months.

In the winter picture is me with one of my reindeer. I speak English, German, Swedish and Finnish.

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