Mobile Construction Cranes Market Assessment and Key Insights Analyzed till 2028

Top 10 Players in the Mobile Construction Cranes Market Account for Nearly 85% of Revenue Share

Majority of the share in the mobile construction cranes market remain concentrated among well-established companies. The leading players in the market are focusing on research and development activities. For instance, Liebherr-International AG, one of the largest mobile construction cranes company is planning to develop fiber rope with high-strength to be used in crawler and mobile cranes.

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Companies in the mobile construction cranes market are also focusing on increasing their product reach across regions like Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, and the Middle East and Africa. For example, Kobelco Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. has set-up wire rod secondary processing bases in India, China, and Thailand.

Top five companies hold significant share based on the revenue in the overall mobile construction cranes market. New product development, mergers & acquisitions, and partnerships are some of the key strategies adopted by companies in the mobile construction cranes market.

Mobile Construction Cranes Manufacturers Focusing on the Advancement in Crane Technology

Mobile construction cranes manufacturers are trying to develop new cranes with reduced size, weight, and cost. Use of mobile apps is allowing mobile construction cranes manufacturers to access instant information to adapt to the changing environment. For instance, the onboard computer system in the mobile construction cranes allow the crane operator to adjust to the specific requirements of the lifting process.

New mobile construction cranes are being developed with specific measurements for crane level, wind speed, and boom angle. Meanwhile, sensors installed in the mobile construction cranes offer real-time data on the operating condition of the machinery. Companies such as Liebherr, and Manitowoc exhibited new cranes with advanced technologies at various events in 2018.

The demand for better construction equipment and mobile construction cranes with high capacity lifting is increasing in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and India. This is due to the heavy investments by foreign investors in the development of urban infrastructure and new smart cities.

Development in Global Construction Sector Influencing Mobile construction cranes Market Growth

Construction has emerged as one of the most dynamic industrial sectors owing to the rising infrastructure due to growing population and urbanization. Mobile construction cranes are extensively used in construction and maintenance activities. Moreover, upgradation of distribution networks and power grids due to increasing demand for energy is fueling the growth in the mobile construction cranes market.

Many heavy-construction projects including flyovers, metro projects, power projects, and industrial projects have raised the demand for mobile construction cranes in countries in the Asia Pacific region. Governments in the region are also focusing on speedy project approval, hence, construction equipment manufacturers and mobile construction cranes providers are positive about future growth.

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Meanwhile, mobile construction cranes rental market in the Asia Pacific is also witnessing strong growth with the rise in demand for cranes used in building power plants, and the shipping industry.

Increasing use of Telematics for Remote Monitoring of Mobile construction cranes

Use of telematics in various construction equipment and machines is one of the latest trends gaining popularity in the mobile construction cranes market. Mobile construction cranes manufacturers are using telematics technology to produce valuable data on fleet management, GPS tracking, remote diagnostics, etc.

In recent years, leading players in the mobile construction cranes market have implemented telematics technology. However, construction equipment and mobile construction cranes rental companies are also focusing on using telematics, owing to increased profitability and operational efficiency.

According to the 2017 Telematics Benchmark Report from Teletrac Navman, contractors using telematics to monitor fuel consumption have witnessed almost 40% of cost reductions.

Skilled Labor Shortage Remain Top Concern in the Mobile construction cranes Market

Shortage of skilled labor is one of the top concerns in the mobile construction cranes market. Hiring skilled labor to operate and manage mobile construction cranes is important to avoid accidents, break-down, and ensure completion of the project on time and in the allotted budget. Lack of training provided to crane operator and supervisor is resulting in the shortage of skilled labor in mobile construction cranes market.

However, companies in the mobile construction cranes market are providing role-specific training to update knowledge and skills for operating cranes. Meanwhile, mobile construction cranes companies are also employing and training ex-forces personnel to cut down the time-frame of training and quickly build full capacity of well-trained workers.

Hiring people to install, dismantle, and operate mobile construction cranes is the most significant cost of owning a crane. Hence, employing skilled workforce has become a necessity in mobile construction cranes market, to avoid break down resulting in higher cost for replacement. According to the latest report from USG Corporation and the US Chamber of Commerce, the expected labor shortage, is likely to be one of the biggest factor affecting safety in construction industry and mobile construction cranes market over the next three years.

Stringent Regulations to Challenge the Growth of Mobile construction cranes Market

Regulatory bodies across the regions are updating the rules on using mobile construction cranes and meet emission standards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), has updated Final Cranes and Derricks Rule which calls for mandatory national certification for crane operators in the construction industry. The new rule is set to take effect from November 2018.

Meanwhile, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has introduced strict emission standards for diesel-powered equipment. The EPA requires all newly manufactured mobile cranes and heavy haul equipment with ‘Tire 4 Final’ compliant diesel engines. To reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.

The US, Canada, European Union, and Japan have already set emission standards to control emission from Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) including mobile construction cranes. Meanwhile, the committee has also been formed to work on developing European standards for mobile cranes. The committee known as CEN/TC 147 works on maintenance and development of safety standards relating to the mobile cranes.

Competitive Landscape

The report on the mobile construction cranes market offers detailed profiles of all the major market players. The report offers a dashboard view on mobile construction cranes market players. Moreover, SWOT analysis on the key players along with key strategies by players in the mobile construction cranes market has also been included in the report. Majority of the players in the mobile construction cranes market are entering into the partnerships and mergers and acquisitions to set their footprints across various countries.

As a part of the recent development in the mobile construction cranes market, Tadano has entered into a partnership with Nippon Express Group to open a new global parts supply center in Singapore. With the new center, Tadano plans to increase its sales and provide support to the customers outside Japan.

Meanwhile, Liebherr- Australia, a sales and service division of Liebherr in Australia plans to takeover Morrow Equipment Company in Australia and New Zealand. The company plans to establish itself well in both countries.

About the Report

The report on the mobile construction cranes market provides key insights on the new and on-going developments in the market. The report also includes factors influencing the growth in the mobile construction cranes market. Market dynamics including key trends, drivers, opportunities, challenges, are also provided in the report on mobile construction cranes market.

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The size of the mobile construction cranes market is evaluated on the basis of value (US$) and volume (units). The report also includes information on the current scenario and historical data on the sales of mobile construction cranes.

Market Structure

The mobile construction cranes market has been segmented on the basis of product type, capacity, end-use, and region. The report provides market numbers such as volume sales, revenue, CAGR, year-on-year growth, and revenue share for all the segments and sub-segments in the mobile construction cranes market.

Additional Questions Answered

The report on the mobile construction cranes market has also answered some important questions, apart from the aforementioned key insights.

  • What type of mobile construction crane will hold larger revenue share in the mobile construction cranes market?
  • Which end-use industry is anticipated to largely contribute towards the growth of the mobile construction cranes market?
  • Which is the most dominating region in the mobile construction cranes market?
  • What are the factors hampering the growth of the mobile construction cranes market?
  • What will be the revenue share of construction sector in mobile construction cranes market in 2018?

Research Methodology

The research methodology forms the base for forecast and insights provided in the mobile construction cranes market report. Primary and secondary research is also done to gain accurate and latest information on the mobile construction cranes market.

Interviews are conducted and information obtained is used to validate the data acquired from the secondary research. The report on the mobile construction cranes market is likely to be an exclusive information source to help leading players plan strategies for further business expansion and growth in the mobile construction cranes market.

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