"If you want to ruin the state, hire a good architect"

Was the architect called?

Anyone occupies places of city planners, but not professionals.

Are there architects in Pakistan? Why are journalists, lawyers, political scientists, and sociologists engaged in urban planning? Architects are taught according to outdated programs. The authorities do not listen to their opinion - this and many other things were said by the participants of the town planning forum, held at the end of September in Lahore.

Being an architect is not as easy as it seems; it needs lots of hard work and creativity. best Architect in Pakistan that helps to visualize your home before it builds. Our land in Pakistan is full of creative and talented people who portray Pakistan's excellent picture worldwide via their work. Today, in this article, we are revealing the top 30 best architects in Pakistan whom you would like to work with. Let's get into the ranker countdown.

How to understand what a career as an architect is for you

Your current career path may be a mistake, and here's why: from the very beginning, it isn't easy to understand what you will like and even more challenging to understand what you will love in 30-40 years. Career is a commitment and often wrong, but we know this when there is no turning back. But ... it may not be too late …

What kind of architect do you want to be

The architecture offers many options to choose from. Maybe you love nature and prefer to work outdoors? Then the field of landscape architecture is for you.

Also, the architecture includes building architecture, software architecture, and naval architecture. It all depends on your desires and skills. Here's the tricky part - an architect has to have a wide range of skills, creativity, and mathematics in equal measure. This is a combination that not many people own.

We believe that you will first study all possible options for this profession before making a final decision. Learn the skills and abilities required and compare them with your strengths or weaknesses.

However, you must immediately understand that it will not be possible to master this specialty without useful mathematics and creativity abilities. But to understand, you have to try.

How to get architects to stop designing shit

Modern cities and new districts have one big problem: they are not built for people. Of course, apartments are made there, sidewalks are made, but when a person finds himself in such a city, he feels uncomfortable. Something is wrong. But what?

Ian Gale once invented a particular term -" Brasilia syndrome" and another - All this is about cities built according to a plan that looks good from a bird's eye view. An architect often plans a town in such a way as to create a beautiful layout that can be"sol" to an official. Gale has an exact characterization of such architects: birdshit architects. Architects like birds dumped on the heads of the inhabitants of his shit work.

Is the project that you developed with young architects for your first work outside Moscow?

We are based in Moscow, and not only because we want to. It's just that the central money is concentrated in Moscow. We are not very cheap architects, and our projects are quite large. But Wowhaus is doing projects in other cities - Yekaterinburg, Rostov, Sochi, Samara. Last year we did a lot of work in St. Petersburg. There is an active local architectural community. We often interact in humanitarian terms: we read lectures, organize seminars, meetings. Also, we hold an annual festival,

We work outside Moscow less than we would like. But the situation is developing for the better.

What should be a good architect?

The profession of"architect" is a rather broad concept, and architects themselves do not have a consensus on this matter. We can draw a line. At one end of it, the specialist attracts the facades; at the other end, he thinks about how people live in the house, what will happen to them, and how to improve it. Specialists move along the line; they can be at different points. This story moves not only from one architect to another but also in time.

It is clear that an architect can be an analyst and should be an enthusiast. But there is still something that allows or does not allow him to be a good architect. However, there are different tasks. Our bureau thinks that the functions of social programming, inventing are essential regardless of the scale of the project. If we make a city, we have to figure out how it will live.


If we make a small house or restaurant, we must understand how a person goes from point A to point B, what he feels at the same time, why he goes there, why it is suitable for him to sit in one place and stand in another, how many people will be here walk, who they are and how they will fit. These scenarios and variability of movement are critical. Therefore, we usually do a little more than other architects—for example, sociological and anthropological analyzes, all kinds of models. Of course, you don't have to do them, because the customer doesn't want to pay for it. We do it because we believe that the result will improve. Also, what counts as the criterion for success is essential. It can be many articles, reviews of comrades, beautiful paintings, or good photographs.