Chin Reduction Cost in India

Genioplasty is a cosmetic surgery in which chin repositioning and reshaping is done to enhance facial harmony.The chin size varies widely between males and females and is an extremely important facial feature in gender recognition. Jaw and chin reduction surgery plays an effective part in facial feminization surgery. Chin reduction is a cosmetic surgery in which chin repositioning and reshaping are done to enhance facial harmony. In the chin reduction procedure in India, the surgeon cuts the chin bone from the jaw to move it and fix the chin deformity. Dr. Parag Telang is a well-known facial feminization cosmetic and plastic surgeon who performs chin feminization surgery in India. Chin is an area whose features are modified depending on each patient's individual anatomy and the desired results. Incisions are made intraorally i.e., no visible scars can be observed. As soon as the chin bone is exposed, the surgeon makes a vertical cut in the chin. The surgeon makes a horizontal cut below the root of the bottom teeth and slides it in the position that suits the facial anatomy of the patient. Consult today with Dr. Parag Telang to know about the chin reduction cost in India. Visit clinic today.

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