February 8, 2020

Safeguard Your Business

Protecting the Ins and Outs

Operating a business has many facets. There are issues of personnel, facilities and revenue to think about constantly. But one of the most overlooked - but certainly no less important - aspects of daily operation is the security of online data. Anyone with a working knowledge technology infrastructure can “hack” into a system and wreak havoc on a business’ secure information. They can access your account numbers, employees’ personal information and insert a virus or malware that can bring everything crashing down. The best defense against these catastrophic scenarios is to form a partnership with a professional. Here are a few things to look for when you are ready to hire a technician to help you through.

Set the Expectations

Only you know what your business does from day to day, so be sure to give every last detail that you can to your potential hire. Make a list of all activities performed and how frequently they occur. Once you have established a pattern, present this to him or her and discuss how you would like to see each item handled. Ask the technician to explain their use of network security tools and what they believe the best approach to be, and compare that response with your own thoughts. There should be a clear agreement in place so that all parties involved are on the same page so that your business is not left vulnerable to dangers. 
Schedule CheckupsMeet regularly with members of your team to gauge the current situation. Each department probably uses the network in a different way at least occasionally, and therefore may notice chinks in the armor that others may not see. Keep a running log of any issues, and bring them to the attention of other staff members as soon as possible, so that they may avoid running into them and possibly creating a bigger problem. When it comes to the security of your company, all input is valuable. 

Stay Updated

Software and technology in general are constantly changing. When looking for a professional technician to join your team, be sure that he or she is going to be able to keep up with new challenges. It is important that ongoing training is offered so that your organization won’t be left behind and stuck with an obsolete infrastructure. Evolving with the nature of your network’s needs will help you to grow to your fullest potential, and compete with any other business out there. Attend seminars and conferences relating to information technology, and inform your staff of any pertinent changes or concerns that you may have.Maintaining electronic systems is similar to the care of a car - you need to keep a regular schedule for preventive services, don’t skimp on important parts and pay close attention to any warning signs that may indicate trouble in the near future. Think of your staff and computer technicians as being a part of your mechanic team. To keep your business engine running smoothly, it takes everyone to be on their toes and working together. Teamwork is the key!