B12: The Vitamin you can Eat, Drink, or Wear

Often being overshadowed by the commercialized Vitamin C, B12 is usually not on the top of the list of essential vitamins. This is the reason that it is one of the leading nutrient deficiencies in the world.

Unlike other vitamins, B12 is actually water-soluble which means that it dissolves in water and is absorbed into your bloodstream. Our body needs this nutrient as it plays an important role in helping our brain and nervous system function properly. If we lack Vitamin B12 in our system, the results can be potentially damaging to our bodies. It can result in anemia, memory problems, fatigue as well as neurological changes. Thankfully, most dairy products and various kinds of meat have this vitamin. But, if you prefer an efficient way of getting your daily dose of B12, scroll down to read more about it!

"If we lack Vitamin B12 in our system, the results can be potentially damaging to our bodies."

Eat it! Blackmores Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

One of the leading vitamin brands in the Asia Pacific Region, Blackmores Vitamin B12 tablets will ensure your body cells function at its optimal capacity. It also helps to boost the regulation of metabolism through the conversion of foods to energy. Vegans and vegetarians lack Vitamin B12 as it is does not typically occur in plant-based foods. Thus, these tablets are safe for them to consume as it does not contain any animal derived ingredients.

Bluebonnet Nutrition, EarthSweet Chewables, Vitamin B12, Natural Raspberry Flavour

If you dislike the taste of tablets, this Raspberry flavoured vitamin will surely make you coming back for more. These chewables are naturally sweetened with juice concentrates from wild blueberries, cranberries, prunes, cherries, strawberry, grapes, raspberries, and bilberry. Get this product for its maximum assimilation and absorption to keep your red blood cells happy!

Drink it! Bluebonnet Nutrition, Liquid Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12, Natural Raspberry Flavour

Your children will definitely love this naturally delicious raspberry flavoured B12 in liquid form. Generally, liquid vitamins are better utilised as well as better retained in the body. The product is suitable to be used as a daily dietary supplement, because all you need is 1/5 teaspoon of it!

Wear it! Mentholatum Rohto Irohada Vitamin B12 Mask

Get your daily dose of Vitamin B12 by giving yourself an at-home facial! These treatment masks are infused with “squalene” which is a humidity retention ingredient that helps get rid of dullness and keeping your skin in good health. It has a natural floral fragrance that will keep you relaxed while you enjoy this treatment. This product comes with an innovative zip lock so that your masks would not dry out.