Facing Problem In Accessing Mywifiext.Net From Browser? Follow These Tips

You may also get the below-mentioned errors on the computer screen:

1.      ‘Page cannot be displayed’ message on ‘Internet Explorer or Edge browser’.

2.      From Google Chrome, ‘Unable to link to the page’ as it is not connected to the internet currently.

3.      Firefox browser: The webpage is not accessible or ‘Server not found’ message.

4.      Safari browser: Cannot connect to the server due to network problems.

If you come across any of the above-cited messages on the browser, then check the URL entered. It must be free from flaws or errors. If you are entering Mifiext.net in place of Mywifiext.net, then you will get error message on screen. You can check the correct URL of this website either from the guided manual or from the sticker pasted on the side panel of hardware.

Here’s how you can fix the connection issues of your Mywifiext.net from the web browser.

1.      To start with the troubleshooting steps, place the router and the extender closer to each other. The maximum distance between the two shouldn’t exceed 9 feet. Once the devices are configured, you can place them apart.

2.      Check the power supply connected to the extender whether the device is turned on or not. If not, you will find no LED blinking on the panel. Change the power adapter or connect to an alternative power source.

3.      The LED corresponding to the connection must be turned on the extender.

4.      If no LED is glowing, then it means you need to check the cables. Connect the Ethernet cable again after disconnecting it for a while.

5.      If you know the IP details of your range extender, then don’t hesitate to enter it directly on the address space of the web browser.

6.      If the problem is still infuriating you, then disconnect all the devices from the power source and reset the browser. Try to access the Mywifiext.net page again.

7.      If there is a problem with the specific browser, then open the same link on different browsers.

8.      Connect the extender to the computer with a wired connection using Ethernet cable.

9.      Provide static IP address to the PC. Note down the current gateway and router address before making any changes. If you want further support related to the IP settings of your router, you can contact Netgear experts.