Shari's "Bang Cock" Story Pt. 03

Shari's "Bang-Cock" Story Pt. 03 ...back at the "Glamping Bang-Cock Club" Chalet - Friday Afternoon Shari yelled down to the group. "Are you hot guys ready for a show?" "Hell, yes!" They all screamed back at her whistling and clapping. Greg was lying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her to come down. He held the camera lens pointing straight up at the top of the ladder. Shari stepped onto the ladder, and Greg began snapping shot after shot. Her tight ass was rocking back and forth inside of lacy black panties. The large black platform high-heels she was wearing were sexy and retro. Her black nylons had a black seam running down the back to her blacker soles and toes. The skirt she was wearing hugged her tiny waist and showed off her ass cheeks and panties. All she wore on top was a lacy black bra that matched her panties. Making her way down to the bottom step, she smiled at the guys as she squatted over the camera lens, making sure Greg had a good shot. After giving her a, "wow that was a great up close panty shot," she pulled her panties to the side and let him take more shots of her spread pussy lips, taint, and asshole under her skirt. All of her undercoatings were hairless. He was trapped under her skirt and loved the smell. He whispered, "thank you," to her, and she proceeded to strut into the living area. "Okay, you studs, this is a strip club! Spread your legs and get ready." She told them as she made her way to the bar, mixing herself a drink. Facing the couch, she put her left leg up on a barstool, making sure that every one of them could see her panties. "Holy FUCK!" the guys screamed, as Greg continued to take shots with his camera from all angles. Taking a swig of scotch, Shari took turns with each guy, backing onto his lap, grinding her ass, and pussy into their swollen bulges. If they tried to touch her in any way, she would slap their hands. If they were good boys, she would rub their cocks through their pants and tease them even more. Removing the blue vase from the coffee table, Shari laid down on it, facing the couch. Spreading her legs, she teased her own legs, licking them, and rubbed the crease where her pussy meets her thighs. Pulling on her panties, Shari turned the material into a G-string, wiping her pussy up and down with it. Moaning loudly, she turned over on all fours and spread her legs on the table, slowly wiggling her ass up and down. She asked "someone" to retrieve the bottle of scotch for her from the bar. Almost running each other over, Randy made it there first, handing her the bottle. Reaching under the inside of his baggy shorts, she massaged his sweaty balls. He began moaning, and Shari realized he was dripping precum on her hand. She stopped teasing him and told him to sit down. Taking a swig out of the bottle, she set it down on the table between her legs and sat upright. They guys were all bulging eyes as Greg continued to snap pics of her every movement. Ripping her skirt off, throwing it to the floor, she squatted over the half-full bottle of scotch as she played with her thick beautiful hair, kneading and pinching her nipples through the bra. Pulling her panties to one side, she tucked them inside the crease of her thigh. The only two things the men saw from their vantage point was a beautiful heart-shaped brown ass, and a bottle of scotch. Slowly, without using her hands, Shari squatted over the rim of the bottle, just barely letting it slide inside of her pussy hole. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head back and eased the neck of the bottle into her tight little twat. Greg was standing in front of her shooting pic after pic of her as her pussy swallowed the bottle up all the way to were it became a square, hitting its hilt. She moaned and groaned, starting to move up and down on the bottle a little faster. Pinching her nipples and kneading them, she slid up and down the neck quicker and quicker. "Will someone hold this bottle for me? I am going to fuck it so gooood," she asked as eight arms shot out to help. Two hands held the bottle as Shari's speed increased exponentially. A nice and fast rhythm was going now as she held onto the front of the table, bucking her hips up and down, fucking the bottle's neck as fast as she could! "Fuck YEAH! she screamed, cumming for about two minutes, rubbing her clit hard with wonderful creamy mini-orgasms. "I am fucking cuuuuuming soooo gooood you guys!" She shook and convulsed with a massive wave of beautiful orgasm after orgasm. "Holy fuck, I needed that soooo bad! That was two weeks in the making, whew! Now, I am ready for a real fucking with some hot throbbing cocks," She said, catching her breath. "First, are there any real men here who love a warm golden shower?" All of the men clapped and shouted. Helping her down off the table, she fell back into a recliner, spent for the moment. All of the hands went up into the air again. "Is there anything you guys are NOT into?" They all just smiled back at her with shit-eating grins. "Make damn sure you drink from the bottle, guys, there is something special in there for you!" She told them as Greg handed her the ice-cold scotch in a glass. All of them took turns taking shots from the bottle, tasting a mixture of her creamy cum and scotch. Licking the sides of it, and drinking it until it was empty, Rodney wanted to know if he could keep the bottle as a memento of the occasion. Greg laughed and told him to take it home with him. "I have to piss," Shari told them, "who wants to follow me and have another drink?" The four of them followed her outside onto the parking lot at sunset. Greg followed as well, still holding the camera, snapping unbelievable shots that would make any porno mag weak in the knees. She told them to kneel in front of her and open their mouths. Pulling her wet panties to the side, she started to pee a steady arching stream of delicious deep yellow urine all over their faces making sure to hit all of their mouths like a water gun balloon game at a carnival. Sticking their tongues out, they lapped up her warm piss, some of it even shooting down their throats. Shaking her hips to rid the excess pee, she instructed Sam to use his tongue and clean her off like toilet paper. He did as he was told, and she had to stop him after she was WAY too clean. "Here, take this from Greg," Shari told them, handing the camera to Randy, "you guys decide who takes pics, Greg needs a break." Sliding her wet panties off her hips, down her legs, and off each foot, she handed them to Greg, who gladly took them from her, smelling them, inhaling their delicious aroma. Unhooking her bra, she gave it to him as well. Her beautiful brown perky breasts were now free, and she bounced them around in front of their faces feeling herself up. Currently, only wearing her nylons and high-heels, she told them to follow her inside. "I figured we would take tonight nice and slow, babes," Shari told them, "I don't want you to burn out too soon before the weekend is up. So, you have a choice tonight." Kneeling on the couch facing the back, she grabbed the backend of the couch and stuck her ass high in the air, wiggling it in their faces. "You can fuck either my wet dripping pussy OR my tight brown and pink puckered asshole. But you cannot fuck both, so make your choice a good one, boys. I ask this of you because for once in my life, being out here in the woods, I would like to beg, plead, and scream at the top of my lungs." "This is something I cannot do at home, especially with a roommate, always around. I promise tomorrow we will have a cum tasting contest, and I will declare a winner for best berry taste. I will foot fuck the winner on Sunday before we leave, with a special pair of hose I have. I am also going to need to feel hot creampies squirting up inside of me, so please do not pull out until you are finished. I have a role-playing game for each of you already in my head, so "let's get reaaaady to ruuuumble!" she giggled at her attempt to outdo WWE ringmaster, Michael Buffer. "Make me cum, my babes, and I will clean you off with my mouth until you are satisfied! I need five stars for my app." All of the five studs in her stable busted up laughing again. "Did anyone ever tell you that you are fucking hilarious?" Steve asked, "Some man or woman is going to be lucky to have you one day." "Yeah, my Law Professor, ugh," she said, laughing, "oh, and I am never getting married. It is way too fucking complicated." Some of the men began getting undressed. Most of them were still wet with piss. Others needed a break and were going to watch the first round to see what was going to happen. Either way, this was going to be a night filled with orgasmic delight. Randy took all types and angles of pics of her on all fours as she waved her hair around, posing for him. Pinching and kneading her nipples, she was waiting to see who would go first without looking back to see whom it was. "Greg, do you have a bit or anything made of leather? I don't want to bite my tongue when I cum hard, and believe me; I AM going to cum harder than I ever have with all of this teasing going on. Oh, and do me a favor and grab my blue panties out of my bag for me, pretty please. And if you have a moment," she asked him, smirking, "please get me a clear dinner plate if we have any. Thank you, baby doll!" "No problem, hang on a minute, gorgeous." Someone stepped up to the plate immediately as Randy began taking close up shots of a rock hard cock head edging around her pussy lips, getting the tip wet. "I am going to try and guess who it is, so please everyone, don't say anything," Shari said with a low moan. "Hmm?" The man slid his cock head down, teasing and rubbing the top of his head and shaft on her clit, teasing it for minutes. She gave out an "mmmmm, yummy so far, baby, that feeells soooo good!" Resting her chin on her hands, she tried to figure out who it was. The man was breathing heavily as no one made a peep. His breathing became extremely hard and fast as he inched his cock head inside the rim hole of her dripping cunt. Her wanting pussy tried to engulf it, but he denied her the satisfaction. He moaned aloud as he gave her another inch of his thick veiny shaft. "Wait! Is it Sam?" She asked. "Yes! It is me, gorgeous!" "Ha! I knew it! Sam, you are going to be my daddy. Is that alright with you?" "Oh, my God! Yes, baby, I love it!" "Daddy, please let me have your cock inside of me. I watch you fuck mommy. Will you fuck me like that?" "OH FUCK, yes, baby! Daddy is going to give you all of his cock now. You are so tight, baby, are you sure you want my thick cock inside of you?" "Yes daddy, please daddy, I need it sooo bad! Pump me with your big cock just like you fuck mommy!" The rest of the men in the room were squirming around adjusting their rigid cocks or freeing them by removing their underwear. They were amazed at how this one woman could make them feel. Everyone was quite buzzed by now, and a trip to the snack table to grab a caffeine pill was in order. No one wanted to go limp and miss this incredible show and the opportunity of a lifetime. Greg returned, handing Shari her blue panties, a thin man's leather belt, and a transparent dinner plate. She wrapped the belt around her neck and let it hang for when she needed it. Shoving the panties in the couch below her, she asked Greg if he would "slide this plate under my pussy for me? I don't want to miss a drop." She told him kissing him on the hand, thanking him. He smiled back at her, kissing her on the lips, very passionately, holding on to her cheeks. Her eyes smiled back at him as she cooed from that very loving kiss. Greg laid the dinner plate on the couch under her pussy, directly in line with her clit. Is he falling in love with me? I bet he is, and that is not such a bad thing. "Guys, please don't knock over or move the plate. Thank you sooo much. I cannot collect your cum droppings for my salad dressing if you spill it. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, I am so sorry, Sam, can you forgive me, daddy?" "You never have to say you are sorry to me, baby," he told her, "however, you are going to get a spanking for being such a bad girl!" "Daddy, no!" she yelled, "I don't like spankings!" He wound up high and let one rip on the right side of her ass. "OUCH, daddy! That hurt, a lot. Can I have another, please?" He hit the left side of her ass, leaving a red handprint. "Ohhhh fuck, that makes my tiny pussy quiver, DADDY! Please do it again! Sam spanked her several more times, making him rock hard and Shari wetter than ever. "Ohh fuck I am so wet! Daddy, can I have more of your cock? Can I taste my pussy juices?" Sam pulled out of her pussy and swiped some of her white cream off his shaft. Reaching up to her face, she met his fingers with an open mouth and tongue. He stuck his fingers in her mouth, wiping her creamy orgasm on her lips as well. She sucked on them hard as he jabbed his cock all the way up inside of her vagina. Jerking, with hips moving back and forth to his thrusting rhythm, she screamed, trying to shatter the windows. "Ohhhh, fuck! Goddamned, you feel soooo good inside me, filling up my little hole! Fuck me, daddy, fuck me, daddy, fuck me hard like the teen cumslut I am!" Sam was sweating now, pumping her as he had pumped no woman ever before. Looking down, Sam admired her beautiful ass. His shaft and balls were coated in her creamy goodness. "Cum for me baby doll and make your pussy cum your sweet cream all over daddy's big cock, honey! Make daddy cum hard, you little teen slut!" "Ohh fuck yeah, daddy, that's it, pump my tight virgin pussy hole! I need your cum daddy, and I need your hot sticky juice so bad up inside of me!" Sam was losing control, ready to explode, grabbing both of her ass cheeks, digging in for the orgasm of his life! "Ohhhh fuck, honey, I am going to cum deep inside of your sweet pussy!" "Yes! Give me all of your sweet hot fucking load!" Shari yelled at him, pushing back against his thrusting with her irresistible brown ass. Sam stiffened up and screamed aloud like a banshee. He stayed still, gripping her ass as he unloaded the mother of all loads inside her cunt-hole. "Oh, fuck!" He said, wiping the sweat off his face. That was incredible. I swear that was the biggest orgasm I have ever had. "Bring me your cock, daddy. I don't want mommy to find out you just cummed up inside of my little hole!" Shari told him, giggling. "WOW!" Sam said, having trouble walking as he made his way around to her pretty face holding his dripping cock in his hand. Staring at Shari in her amber eyes, he kissed her hard, swapping tongues. She took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. Shari milked the rest of the cum out of his thick manhood. He was shaking, dripping sweat, as Shari licked and sucked him clean. She smiled at him as he left her mouth to find a place to sit down and rest. "You know what? That tasted like strawberries! That was INCREDIBLE! Thank you, Sam!" "You are more than welcome, honey, and no, thank you, baby!" Sam replied. ...back to Rox and Shari on the couch "Okay, Shari, we've been through 250 pics out of 2,098 so far as you tell this story! This is like the coolest day ever. Every one of your pics is being narrated by the gorgeous slut who was there! I need to know why no one decided to VIDEO this incredible event?" "Because we knew that everyone would be busy having sex with me, and we didn't want to put up fourteen different cameras to catch every angle. Now we have drones that will do that for us and record any movement. The next one, in southern France, is on video. Let me tell you about that one, WOW." "Okay, now I gotcha! I am getting buzzed with the love of my life, she is narrating her gang bang for me, and I am sucking on her toes. I need to get off and soon before we go any further. My pussy aches soooooo bad I am ready to say, "Fuck it," and rub one out. Any suggestions, my queen?" "Oh yeah, baby. Turn and face me. Prop yourself up with those pillows behind you and get very comfortable. SIS, play "foot fetish porn video, number seven," please." "Yes, Shari." "Oh, now this looks like a great video!" Rox said.