A New FMI Study Analyses Growth of Swab and Viral Transport Medium Market in Light of the Global Corona Virus Outbreak

Demand Remains Buoyant as COVID-19 Testing Ramps up

Presently the world is witnessing a huge market opening up for swab and viral transport media. Authorities at the helm are working with hospital systems, states and distributors to cope with orders to the tune of several million tubes, vials and swabs.

With lockdowns being ordered worldwide to prevent propagation of the virus, manufacturers are working overtime to keep production of swab and viral transport media running. As heavier restrictions seem imminent, key stakeholders are working with suppliers and regional authorities to preserve manufacturing conditions to boost the growth of swab and viral transport medium market.

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Nasopharyngeal (NP) Swabs Garner Traction in Swab and Viral Transport Medium Market Space

The lowly nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs, have emerged as frontrunners and have gained prominence as COVID-19 pandemic reaches fever pitch. NP swabs have come into the spotlight on the back of their extra-long, flexible and thin shafts that make it easy for them to reach the NP area inside the nose. In tandem, is their manufacturing process that is complex and reduces the eventuality of severe contamination of nucleic acids that interfere with PCR testing. Once used, the potency of virus on the swab is kept intact by transporting them in vials full of a solution known as viral transport media which keeps the virus viable and testable. Current test procedures necessitate the need to use two swabs, one for a flu test to rule out the need for coronavirus test and the second one if the flu test comes negative. NP swabs, through research were also found to be more effective in detecting coronavirus from day 8 of symptom onset.

Regions are opening doors for new testing sites which will give an uptick to demand for NP swabs and specialty swabs. Governments are also considering expanding testing material options to pave way for nasal swabs to keep up with demand for increased testing.

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Key Stakeholders Double Down on Innovation and Stringency to Facilitate Large-Scale Testing

DiaSorin, a prominent manufacturer of swabs specifies NP swabs in 3 ml of Copan Universal Transport Media (UTM) or BD Viral Transport Media .Manufacturers also opine that swabs with a synthetic tip made from Dacron, nylon, rayon, aluminum and plastic be used. Conventional variants such as calcium alignate swabs that are traditionally used to obtain samples for bacterial culture may contain inhibitory substances that interfere with PCR testing.

Another company Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics has come out with a new product called as the PrimeStore Molecular Transport Medium (MTM) that has received the FDA clearance for respiratory samples. The mixture in this formulation is very easy to scale and made from unique reagents not utilized in COVID-19 testing chain. It also inactivates the virus thus obviating potential hazards in the transport process.

The Panther Fusion SARS-CoV-2 test, a brainchild of Hologic recommends the utilization of nylon or rayon tipped swab and has been effectively verified with BD VTM, Copan UTM and transport media formulations from Remel Micro Test. Amid rampant testing, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines say that an oropharyngeal swab is an acceptable specimen if NP swabs run short.

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The BD Universal Viral Transport (UVT) System has amalgamated swabs, vials and pre-packaged kits to facilitate easy collection and transportation for diagnosis of COVID-19. Demand for swab and viral transport media is accelerating as the industry is working with FDA for the validation and approval of other swabs and transport systems for testing of coronavirus.

Competition Landscape Analysis Reveals Exhaustive Overview of Swab and Viral Transport Medium Market

In a separate section that covers the competition scenario of swab and viral transport medium market landscape, the report provides in-depth profiling of the leading players actively operating in this space. Some of the major companies covered in the report include Becton Dickinson (BD), Copan, Puritan, Starplex Scientific, Thermoscientific and Trinity Biotech. Recently this year, a company named Hardy Diagnostics made and shipped transport media for test samples for which an uncapped demand is outstripping production. Millions of dollars’ worth of solution are on order to preserve the virus from tested samples.

In addition to financial profiles of companies, this report section provides insights on their key developmental strategies, SWOT analysis, and global market position. With a systematic tier-wise breakdown of the competitive landscape of the global swab and viral transport medium ecology, the report intends to benefit the key stakeholders operating across the value chain in swab and viral transport medium marketplace, including manufacturers, providers, and suppliers, R&D companies, medical research laboratories, and other potential investors.

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The global swab and viral transport medium market report is an extensive assessment of the first-hand information gathered by expert market research analysts, compiled with insightful inputs provided by some of the leading industry experts and value chain participants. Starting with the exhaustive analysis of most impactful trends observed in the swabs and viral transport mediums, the study further extends to significant macroeconomic growth indicators, key growth influencers, taxonomy, and geographical outlook of the swab and viral transport medium market. Emphasizing on the evaluation of attractiveness of each of the market segments and sub-segments, the report throws light on competitive benchmarking.